It's kind of like invasion of the body snatchers...and I've become the person I never understood....

I’ve been living in a strange new world for the last year and half, discovering and enjoying new and amazing things with my amazing fella. 

I’ve been on many airplanes, had to GET a passport and then have USED my passport more than once!  I’ve been to balls, galas, casinos, wineries (some DO have vodka), dirt track races, long mountain bike trails, middle of no-where watering holes,  and incredible plays and concerts. 

I’ve also discovered shoes.

I’ve heard of this so-called “shoe” phenomenon and have to admit that Bitchy has acquired this particular obsession through NO fault of mine.

But now I know.

I know what it feels like to find (and WANT) the perfect pair of shoes, and I’m doomed.  I discovered just how doomed today.  Let's back up a bit....

Last summer I discovered an amazing pair of gold wedge sandals at Kohl’s. I needed them for my nephew’s wedding in Mystic and they were spectacular! They were SO spectacular that I’m pretty sure I wore them EVERYWHERE I went!  They were great in the Cayman’s, in Mystic, in Target and in my first grade classroom. They were so @(#*&# awesome that I wore them OUT.

In January I realized that I NEEDED another pair.  I needed THAT pair of shoes. I’m fifty-six years old and I’m pretty sure that’s a first for me.  (Or, I can’t remember anything that’s every happened to me.) 

I had worn the shoes SO often that I couldn’t find the name of the company/designer that made them.  I googled and googled and googled until finally DAYS later, I found the shoe. Then, I finally found one in MY size on ebay.  Well, it might have been a ½ size too small, but much like Cinderella’s sisters- I KNEW IT WOULD FIT!

I ordered it, paid a bit extra for it- and got it. WHEW. I was incredibly proud of myself.

Then today I walked into TJ Maxx looking for SOMETHING I was sure I needed. 
I walked past the shoes and guess what I saw? GUESS???

The $^#%ing shoes!!   IN MY REAL SIZE!   Oh Sweet Jesus I am an idiot.  

Well, to be more specific, I am an idiot now with TWO pair of exquisite gold (must have)  wedge shoes.  Bring on the apocolypse...I’ll be the one with gorgeous (extra) sandals…


Carrie Koch said...

Those are awesome shoes. Two pairs will last twice as long!

Unknown said...

Great to hear from Vodkamom again. I was afraid she was on the wagon. Two pairs are better than none.

Anonymous said...

Two pairs of the same shoes...awesome...I'm glad you are back!!! Jill

Gigi said...

As someone who is obsessed with shoes, I can totally relate. And finding not one, but TWO, pairs of your favorites? Priceless.

Button said...

My best friend always says, "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!" I, also, have two pairs of leopard print flats which I PURPOSELY bought. It took me FOR-EVER to find the exact ones I wanted so when I did, I bought two pair! One is still pristine in the box for when I need them in the future!

Laura said...

I have those same gold sandals -- bought for a wedding last year, also -- and I wear them lots and lots. They can be dressed up and down and are great for weddings, church, work, or a little league game :-).

G. B. Miller said...

As Spike Lee said so famously decades ago, "It's gotta be the shoes!"

Father Nature's Corner

Caroline said...

As a fellow teacher and longtime shoe addict, I say, welcome to the family!!!

Now you need to try two brands: Ecco gladiator sandals and anything by Sofft. As someone who is on her feet ALL the time, and has bad feet, these two brands keep my feet (and knees and back) happy. They are more $$$ than I usually spend, but you will not need to replace them for a LONG time :). Sometimes you can find Sofft at discount sales places.

queenk said...

Kristi, just so glad you are back!!

#1Nana said...

When I retired and cleaned my closet of "professional" clothes, I sent several boxes of brand new, never worn shoes that were back-ups to the professional shoes that I was also donating. Still, I was always glad I had back-ups for my favorites. Now I have back-up flip flops!

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