And aren't we all just really walking each other to the finish line? Let's do it with a bit of gratitude, and grace...

I was happy to run into a parent that I knew in the hallway this morning. I was her daughter’s first grade teacher several years ago and I was excited to see her.She's been busy these last few years finishing up a degree, so I haven't seen her very often. 

We spent about ten minutes catching up about each other’s families and then walked down the hall towards my classroom. We were chatting away a mile a minute, firing questions and answers at each other along the way.  My room is conveniently located at the end of the hall right next to the exit door and we chatted a bit more as we walked.  We were ready to say goodbye when she added this. 

“I’m getting ready for my 40th birthday! I just can’t believe it! The girls are growing up, and time is flying!” 

“Congratulations!” I said with a huge smile. “I am so excited for you!” 

She laughed and looked at me quizzically. 

I stopped and faced her.  “I have to tell you something.  I am 56 years old, and I can honestly say that I have never been happier!” 

She looked at me and smiled a huge smile. 

I continued, “These last years, the ones in my fifties, have been amazing.  I am more confident, I am more focused on what is important, I have more meaningful friendships and am still enjoying all the parts of being a mother. Each part of the growing up process with my kids has been busy and challenging--but very rewarding.  I have a great relationship now that has taught me so much about being valued and confident. I know what’s important, and what isn’t.  I enjoy all the little things each day, and feel an amazing amount of gratitude. 

“Sorry about gushing on and on, but I just kind of want to shout out to everyone how great getting older really is!  Youth is fantastic- but getting older and a bit wiser really is incredible.  And you know, as they say, it’s WAY better than the other thing….”

She threw her arms around me for a huge hug. “I AM excited about each part of life. But how cool that I saw you today to remind me about how great it all really is.”

That’s the way to start a day.


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