Be careful when you rub the lamp....sometimes the genie DOES appear....(The medium, part 1.)

Yesterday, I spent some time with my mother, my father, and a very adorable medium who made my day.

Yes.  I saw a medium.   (SQUEAL!!)

You must know that I have always been a firm believer in something more.  I’ve always felt certain presences, and had some very usual and comforting AND interesting visits as I dream in the dark of the night. I've seen my mother, my grandmother, my father and my nephew.  They appear when I least expect it, and when I need it the most.  

My last and only visit to a medium was about 8 years ago. I’ll refer to it here, and not mention it again here.

This young lady’s name had been mentioned to me by MORE than one friend, and her reputation is one of surprising accuracy and great detail.  She has also given great comfort to one of my friends in particular, and that alone boosted her status in my heart.

I walked into the appointment with an open mind, a happy heart and without any need for desperate guidance or advise. I was curious to find out if my mother and father were every with me, if they were proud of me, and if they were happy.  But most of all,  I really, really needed a hug.

After the welcoming rituals, we settled into some comfy seats and I kept my mouth shut as she invited and welcomed any spirits who felt the need to come forward.  After a few minutes, she informed me that she was pretty sure my MOTHER was there.  “And,” she said laughingly, “this particular spirit has been hanging around waiting for you to get here. I felt her presence for some minutes before you arrived.   Were you hanging around outside before you came in?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well, she is so excited to be here,” the medium said with a smile.  And then she turned to me, “She's actually clapping! Wait, she is also holding her arms out….um…oh….she said to tell you she is giving you a great big hug!”

Gulp.     Holy $&#%.