A very happy birthday, indeed.

Today is my mother’s birthday.  My mother, AnnaBelle, was born 80 years ago in a very small town in Pennsylvania.  Her father was a coal miner, and her mother (my Baba) was a stay at home mom with 3 children at home.  There were five more children to follow. My aunts and uncles would laugh as they told people that my grandfather used to say that every time he hung his pants on the bedpost my grandmother would have another baby.  I didn’t fully appreciate that story until I got much OLDER, but it still makes me smile.

I was sharing some stories about my mother with a good friend of mine this morning. We were having an early lunch at Panera, and she wanted to hear more about my visit with the medium.  She had seen her several months earlier and was just as impressed as I was. In fact, my visit with her prompted me to see the medium.

We talked a bit about my mother, and I shared that today was her birthday.  We sat quietly for a few minutes, lost in our own thoughts, and then both gathered our things to leave.  It was a busy day at Panera and most of the tables were full.  We began to walk past the tables and booths when a young woman stood and picked up a baby carrier.  She turned towards us and said in a loud voice, “AnnaBelle!  Come on, Annabelle, it’s time to go!” 

Startled, I glanced around searching for the woman’s child when I spotted an adorable toddler picking something off the floor. The girl looked up at me as I stopped right before I would have run her over.  She had to be about 3, with a full head of dark curls and big blue eyes.  She smiled and then turned and ran to her mother.

“Is her name Annabelle?” I asked (stupidly).

“Yes, it is!” she replied, as she we walked towards the front of the shop with one arm holding a baby carrier and the other scooting Annabelle along.

I smiled and said, “That’s my mother’s name.  It’s beautiful.  And so is your daughter!” 

“Thank you!” she said as she walked through the door.

I wanted to stop her and say, “No, thank you.  Thanks for reminding me that there really are no coincidences -just beautiful reminders that life is amazing.”

Happy Birthday, AnnaBelle.  Thanks for spending part of the day with me…


Carrie Koch said...

I got nothing else.
but, Wow.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I love moments like that! Your mother looks so beautiful in that picture - very classy! -Jenn

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