I like to learn lessons over and over again, just to be sure they STICK.

We had a couple visit us for a long weekend when we were in the Cayman’s last month.  They are a very fit couple who would get up early each morning for a 6 mile run before enjoying the rest of the day.  We spent time each day snorkeling, bike riding and jet-skiing.  There are many great perks about having friends visit on the island, and one of them is that you do things that you know every tourist should do.

On Saturday we hopped on the jet skis and headed to Stingray City.  This is a sand-bar situated between Rum Point the main part of the island. It’s halfway across the Cove and you can see all of the boats anchored there when you look out from the beach. 

When we got there we anchored the jet skis and stood on the bar among the hundreds of stingrays. They glide past you slowly, and some nudge you as they pass by.  They are very friendly and seem to enjoy the attention.  We left stingray city and went on to visit Cabana Bay, Morgan’s Harbor, Stingray City and then landed back at Rum Point.  It was an incredible, beautiful adventure.

Our friends have an amazing underwater camera, and were able to get amazing shots all throughout their stay. Each night Ed would download the pics onto my computer so I could have copies.  That night I saw some of the underwater shots from Stingray City.

“Oh my GOD! Look at that @$$! Do NOT share that pic!” I said to him laughing.  “Yikes!”

“No!” Donna said, “No, that’s not…”

“Oh stop!” I said to Donna. “Don’t try to make me feel better! That @$$ is huge!”

“No,” she interrupted again, trying to make me feel better.

“Listen,” I said to her, “I need to print that picture and put it on my fridge! I will never eat again!”

“No, what I was trying to say is…That’s ME. That’s MY  @$$.”


“See?” she pointed, “That’s MY bathing suit.  And I do try to run every day….”

“Oh my GOD.  Wait. Oh.  Well, um, that @$$ is VERY tiny.  VERY, VERY TINY.”

Oh my sweet Jesus in heaven, why can’t I keep my mouth SHUT ONCE IN A WHILE?

(You know I like to #*$& up once a day.  It keeps me humble.)


Gigi said...

Oh my! Sounds like something I'd do.

One crazed mommy said...

Oh my goodness that is so funny! Sounds like something i would do. LOL!

Frogs in my formula said...

Hilarious! Way too funny.

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