Little Ears Hear All. (And the damage is far-reaching.)

Today, Jack sat at my table to work on Kid Writing. We had just finished a big discussion about nurse sharks, and he wasn't quite finished with me.

"I fink you learned that shark fing on fake news."

"No, I didn't!" I replied. "That information about nurse sharks are FACTS.  They are true things."

Jack looked at me.  "No, girls are forgetters.  You are forgetting.  I saw this on the TRUE news.  It's from California."

Oh sweet Jesus, I have a LOT of work to do.  


Gigi said...

Girls are forgetters?

That boy has a lot to learn. Just ask my husband, I have NEVER forgotten anything he has done to earn my displeasure.

Vodka Mom said...

LOL! Can you believe it?

Mocadeaux said...

Parent/teacher conferences should be interesting...