Everything is (NOT) coming up Roses. (aka Life is keeping me humble.)

I have a great friend who once said to me, “You must have done something really good in a previous life.”

I asked her what she meant by that, and she replied, “Because, every time you land in a pile of $%#^, you come out smelling like a rose!” I laughed because I knew what she meant!  Life always has a way of throwing me lemon after lemon, but something always ends up making everything o.k.

I think about her comments now that I’m spending quite a bit of time here on the island of Grand Cayman.  As luck would have it, my prince (who is still amazing and loves me even though I'm ME) has a place here that I am lucky enough to visit with him when my teaching career allows me.  For the last three plus years I have been doing one of the things I love the most- snorkeling!  I adore the water, and feel such peace when I am snorkeling in this quiet underwater magnificence. 

From the beginning I was sorry that I didn’t have an underwater camera.  However, they are so expensive and I just didn’t think I should spend my money on one.  This Christmas while we were vacationing here, my prince gave me one as a present! I was OVER THE MOON thrilled, and used it every single day for the 10 days we were here. I was in heaven, absolute heaven.

They, when we arrived on Saturday, I immediately got ready for a quick snorkel. I charged the camera and prepped it for the snorkel.  Of course, one of the most IMPORTANT things about an underwater camera is that you secure the small door to the battery/charging compartment securely before entering the water.  YOU MUSTN’T ALOW WATER IN THE CAMERA.  I repeat, “NO WATER SHOULD GET INTO THE UNDERWATER CAMERA!”

I double checked everything, and quickly went for a snorkel.  When I went to turn on the camera, it blinked several times and wouldn’t come on.  I tried and tried- while UNDERWATER-and it blinked erratically and wouldn’t come on.  All the while this was happening, I was moving quickly, UNDERWATER, with the current.

Then, when I realized what must have happened, I panicked.

I swam back to shore as fast as I could and threw off my snorkel and flippers.  I checked the camera, turned it over and the door came open.  THE door, the one to the battery/charging area.  Apparently, I hadn’t been anal ENOUGH, and it wasn’t latched properly. IT WASN'T SHUT.  I AM A STUPID MORON. 

I %&#$-ED up my brand new awesome underwater camera.  This time, I had thrown myself into a DEEP pile of doo doo.

And now, 2 days, 24 hours of cold-air blow drying and one bag of rice later, I am NOT smelling like a rose. 

Not even close.