The second sign that it's time to retire.

We were walking down the hall today on our way to the first grade classrooms.  There are 6 more days of school, and today was "moving up" day.  (That means the kids visit the classrooms of next year's grade and visit with the teachers.)

I was holding Max's hand as we walked down the hall, and he had something to say.  "Ms. Smythe, excuse me, but can I ask again if you have lotion at home?"

"What?" I said, as he was speaking very softly and I couldn't hear him over the ROAR of the 24 children that were following us in line.

He coughed, "Well, I was wondering if you had LOTION at your house."

"Wait," I said as I stopped walking and looked at him, "Are you asking me if I have HAND lotion at my house?  Are my hands rough?"

"Well, they ARE a little dry."

Oh sweet Jesus, he really IS gifted.   


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Gigi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love that he is worried about the condition of your skin.