Wedding planner extraordinaire, kindergarten style.

Most of the kids in my class this year were so excited about Bitchy getting married. They screamed at the top of their lungs the Monday after she got engaged. The girls were especially obsessed with the wedding details- but none more so than Bella. 

Bella not only loved tutus and cowboy boots, she also loved love.  In fact, she told practically every boy in the classroom that she was going to marry them.  But that is another story entirely. 

Near the end of the year she kept giving me suggestions to pass on to Bitchy and her fiance regarding the wedding.  The idea of a sparkly rainbow unicorn on top of the wedding cake was probably the most brilliant. In fact, I’m sure they are considering that as we speak. 

“Then, she has to wear lots of gems and sparkles and diamonds on her dress,” she said dreamily. “Is she having a flower girl?” 

“Yes,” I replied, “I think she is having TWO!” 

“Oh, good,” she said with a smile.  Then, her eyes opened wide, “And tell her she NEEDS a ring mayor!  Everyone has to have a ring mayor. They take the rings up the aisle, you know.  Make sure you write that down, Ms. Marsh.”   

(If I could convince Bitchy to put Bella in the wedding, I would do it in a hot SECOND. She’s all the entertainment one needs at a wedding with a unicorn cake and a ring major.)


Anonymous said...

Bella needs to read "Lilly's Big Day" by Kevin Henkes. (A follow-up story to Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse)

Gigi said...

Bella DEFINITELY needs to be in this wedding!

So happy you are posting again! xo

jwg said...

What Gigi said. Just don't break out hearts by vanishing again.

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