Whatever you do, just don't send me to the E.R.

Bella was my ray of sunshine this year.  She made me smile every single morning as she waltzed into the room wearing one amazing costume after another.  One day it would be a tutu skirt with a unicorn shirt and another it would be an Elsa dress with cowboy boots. And frankly, who doesn't LOVE the Aristocats? It was one of the things I looked forward to each and every morning.

One way or another she brought me joy.  This was a big deal, as The Powers That Be thought it would be SO FUNNY to hand me a class with every SINGLE behavior problem under the sun.  How amusing. (More about that once I’ve recovered.)

Then, there was Bella.  My unpredictable, energetic, highly distractible Bella.  I liked to put her at my table for early morning work knowing she would find a way to make me smile.  She would never dissappoint.

“Ms. Marsh, my grandma is practically DEAD!”

I turned my head to look at her as she was coloring at my table. “Is this the grandma you just visited in Iowa?” I asked in surprise.  

“Well, it’s HER mom, so it’s kind of my grandma only older than her.  But, she’s almost really dead.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” I said.  “How old is she?”

“Well,” she thought a minute, “She’s 49 and ONE HUNDRED.”

“I see.” I replied.  “Well, where does she live?”

“In the emergency room!”

I looked at her in shock.  “Oh, my!”

“Yeah, she lives there with all the other old ladies who are about to die.”

Oh, Bella.  Your light is one that I will miss.  (And I’m sure you’re great grandma will miss it as well.)


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Gigi said...

Poor great grandma probably doesn't have any inkling that she's at death's door; at least according to Bella.