Are you KIDDING me???

The saga continues....

So, part two of the story is this: You all know I posted about being
recognized by the agent Michael Bourett, right? (I crack up just saying that...) I posted about it last night, worrying all damn night that perhaps he would be a bit miffed that I mentioned him- or that maybe I had hallucinated the whole damn thing!!!

Then, as IF meeting him wasn’t enough excitement for ONE lifetime, I received the following email when I got home. It was from Alice Pope. ALICE POPE for God’s sake- she’s the editor of the Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, and has a great
blog that I love to stalk. She was an important component in this SCBWI conference, and was live blogging during the conference. Here’s what she said,

Hey--Michael Bourret just sent me the link to your post about him! He told me he was excited to meet you and he was telling everyone at dinner last night how funny you are.

Someone call 911. I just had a heart attack.


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