Do yourself a favor...

I know that I've introduced you all to many people out there, but there is one woman who ALWAYS makes me laugh.  Her name is Suzy, and she really IS a comic.  I am NOT kidding- she's in Hollywood, and her posts never fail to crack me up.  She does it for a LIVING...   

Not only are her comments hysterical, her emails make me laugh out loud and yet she has a good heart and soul.  She is quick with a quip, a phone call and a hand to hold. 

Do yourself a HUGE favor- go see her.  (She's done a FUNNY piece on stand-up comics...) Honestly, SHE'S the one who should have 800 followers- not this first grade teacher.  And,  if you like her (trust me, I think you will) get yourself over to humor bloggers and vote for her. 

She's one funny, smart*** woman.  And don't let her fool ya- she has a heart of GOLD.

Don't waste any comments here- just go visit.  :-)