I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts...

Things that go bump in the night fascinate me; I love Ghost hunters, Ghostbusters, Ghost stories and Sylvia Browne. (Come on-let’s be honest here.)

I have shared on this blog some of the fascinating encounters I’ve had in my dreams. (And no, M. Night as NOT called me yet. He has no idea what he’s missing.) I have also had some amazing coincidences occur enough times that I am NOW of the belief that there ARE no coincidences. (My good friend Suzy has convinced me of this particular notion.)

My family puts up with my strange sensitivity to these encounters and typically laughs them off. However, when Bitchy found out that her boyfriend’s mother had an amazing experience of this nature, she immediately insisted I get together with her. I am so glad she did.
We met this morning in a local coffee shop where she shared with me her recent experience with a local “medium.” I was simply spellbound and loved every single story.

To make a long story short, this particular woman believes there are angels who spend time with each of us- who look out for us and occasionally guide us when our path gets dark and treacherous. They are not necessarily people who are related to us, but more spirits that "like" who we are.

I can’t wait to meet this woman, and see what she has to say. I am a bit nervous, but am very interested to see if there really IS someone who is making this journey with me. And frankly, I’d love to really chat with my parents. I’m still pissed that they left us all alone for so long.

I am very interested in hearing from all of you. Do you believe in this? Have you had strange and amazing encounters of your own? Have you been to a medium???? Do tell……….


♥ Braja said...

Of course it's all true....the most alarming thing I've ever heard or experienced is to be in a country, like the US, who have managed somehow to turn belief in anything like this into some fairyland nonsense, who reject anything from another medium, and who cannot understand the basics of dimension, form, post-death experiences, and so on. Every ancient culture in the world believes in it. Only the modern ones don't.

Ahhh, you and me, we need a couple of long slow martinis and a long slow chat...

Captain Dumbass said...

"I am the Gate Keeper, are you the Key Master?"

K Dubs said...

LOL Dumbass.. good one :)

I've had a few weird things happen. and somehow, when things have always been just about to their worst, something or someone comes along to bring me back up when I've least expected it.

I think we must have some kind of guardian angels with us. I can't wait to hear what this woman has to tell you!

Crazy Charm said...

Too cool! I am very intrigued by this kind of stuff. I think most people choose to ignore strange these happenings and encounters.

I read somewhere that when you think you've see someone in the shadows or as you're turn your head but look back to see no one is there, you've actually seen a spirit.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Sylvia Browne! I got to go to her farewell tour earlier this year. Loved this post...

That Janie Girl said...

I personally think you have those dreams because you have a prophetic gift from God, and dreams is but one of the ways He talks to you.

Unknown said...

I have been to a medium. She spoke to my Great Grandmother while she was speaking with me. My Great Grandmother told her things she didn't know about me and my family.

I am excited for you and I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

I do hope she helps you get past your anger for your parents. That is just not healthy

Anonymous said...

I believe I have a guardian angel. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you've read about her. I've had several encounters with her that I've written about there, and a few that I haven't written about.

My logical and rational brain wants to explain it all away as coincidence, but something deeper in me screams that it's more than that.

Maybe that's because I really want it to be more; or maybe that's because it really is...

I wish I knew.

Anne said...

Nope... I don't go there. I sure hope that they are among us... it gives me warm fuzzies ~ but chatting with them, nope... I don't wanna go there.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I have always wanted to go to a medium; I find all this stuff fascinating. People can be so closed minded. I've had a couple of weird things, but I have a friend whose house has had several occurances. And I believe everything she's told me.
Let us know what happens!

Anonymous said...

I do believe. I have had a guide for yrs...and I have gone to the same reader for as manyu yrs as I can remember....the combo of the two have helped me in many a situation...call it divine providence, phycic ability..whatever, but someone deffinatly guides us through this maze of life...and arent we glad they do;)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I believe this completely! In my family, we (my 4 siblings and I) believe our grandmother lives in my sister's very large walk-in closet. Her presence is VERY strong there and in the bedroom. And I'd swear, my father's spirit pays me a visit when I back his favorite kind of cookies. It's hard to put my finger on the exact "feeling" but the presence of BOTH of them are DEFINITELY felt. Keep us posted on what you find out!

The Good Cook said...

Of course we have a companion spirit (or angel) with us. I have actually seen mine twice. Once when I was a little girl and very, very ill. I was in the hospital with pnemonia and my mom was crying at the side of my bed. I remember looking at my mom and then looking at the foot of my bed and seeing "her" standing there. Watching...

Another was as an adult - some people would call it "spidey sense" but I have been "guided" out of what would have been a dangerous situation and pointed a different way.

I can't wait to hear more from you!

cheatymoon said...

I have a psychic friends network and have seen a lot of sensitive folk for readings over the years. I went to a medium this past summer and had the most amazing reading I'd ever have.

Like you, I have had tons of people come through for me in dreams an in regular day to day life. I suspect you'll have a fabulous time.

And of course, there are no accidents here. :-) Have a blast!

Christine said...

One of my favorite parts of visiting a new city is looking for a ghost tour. The stories and legends tell more about the history of the town than any museum does.

Sheila said...

My mom died in May 1986. The weekend before the first anniversary of her death, I pulled all the muscles in my back and tore some ligaments. It was horrible. I was in a lot of pain and the doctor told me I would have PT for at least 6 weeks. The night before the actual anniversary of her death, I dreamed my mom came into my bedroom, sat on my bed and rubbed my back. She had always done that when I was little. She sang to me and told me I should sleep and when I woke up, I would be fine. When I woke up, my back was fine. I went to the doctor and he was amazed. There was no swelling, no problems at all.
I truly believe that she came back to take care of me. She still shows up when I am very upset, sick, etc.

Vodka Mom said...

Sheila- that was an amazing story! Thank you so much......

MahoneyMusings said...

I've never been to a medium but I DO believe we all have guardian angels. Mine told me, "slow down" one night while I was driving down a winding road. It sounded like someone speaking directly behind my right ear. I slowed down, even though I hadn't been speeding. And seconds later a car came flying around the curve in the opposite direction - and it was in my lane. I swerved off the road and just missed being in a head on collision. If I hadn't have slowed down I would have gone around that curve and been hit straight on before I even saw what was coming.

It wasn't my time to go.

Beth said...

I'm fascinated by coincendences (as they are usually called). There have been a lot of unexplainable forces in my life. Enough things have happened that I do believe in the supernatural. I like the idea of being watched over.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Ghostbusters is one of those movies that pops into my head at least once a day. Two of the lines that seem to be the most frequent are "You're so...odd" and "WhoahWhoahWhoah! Nice Shootin' Tex!" (I know - random)

But seriously, I'm a firm believer. I won't go into about all of the reasons (we can chat offline), but I'll tell you one funny story. My mother's best friend had a very strange feeling that something was in her house and it was entirely because of the dog's behavior. Another friend suggested she meet with a dog psychic (I'm SERIOUS!) that she knew. As it turned out the woman was totally legitimate. She told my mom's friend that the dog didn't really like the dog food she was getting and much preferred the soup (one night when they were out of dog food, the dog ended up eating homemade lentil soup). But more importantly, the dog "told' her that she was seeing "George" (the ex husband) in the house. There is so much more to the story than that - but those were a couple of details. So what I'm getting at is that everything was explained by a presence. He wanted forgiveness. She gave it to him and the dog stopped barking and whimpering at empty corners. I've always loved that story.

AND I would LOVE to hear about your experience. Can't wait.

Susan said...

Once when I was away over night my fully decorated Christmas tree relocated itself to just inside the front door to my apartment. I had to come in the fire escape.

In the same apartment, a daVinci flying machine would occasionally launch itself and sail through the room.

Mike said...

As people know, although I have a lot of ghosts and supernatural events in my stories, I really do not believe in spirits, except for wine and vodka! LOL!

I would love to be proved wrong!

Keyona said...

I do believe.....

Ambiance in the Attic said...

The Bible tells many stories of spirits and angels and even demons. I believe they are alive and amongst us today. I am thankful that God provides us with a guardian angel.

Mary said...

I totally believe...I have a lovely ghost who lives with me here at the church and takes care of me....and my local medium told me that my mom and grandma sit on the steps and watch me working in the garden....makes me happy !

Anonymous said...

The three freaky things that happened to me were:
1. i went to see a psychic once and she had to leave in the middle of my visit because she said my 'powers' were making her ill and she couldn't stop throwing up.

2. i was in salem, mass. once, walking around, visiting when this woman grabbed me, and asked me to please go to this guy who could teach me how to use my 'powers' because they were really strong and it would be awaste to not develop my awareness- that was random

3. same as #2 but in another state...and i was with my daughter who was 3 at the time- the woman said my daughter had the gift as well.

i eventually read some stuff about it - friends come to me sometimes but just to talk as how to make shit happen...i'm usually right.

just weird.

Joanie said...

I DO believe in spooks! I DO believe in spooks! I DO, I DO, I DO believe in spooks! (what movie is that line from?)

Actually I did a blog post last year about spirits and such. I even gave you credit when I swiped the idea!

Anonymous said...

Yes to all of the above. I've had encounters and have been to several mediums. Although, I don't think they'll tell you anything really, really bad.

I need a "good angel" now as our family is going through a very hard time. (again)

Saranne said...

Yep, I believe! Both my sis and I have been visited the spirit of our mom.....she makes her presence known by the scent of the perfume that she used to wear - Shalimar - there's no mistaking it for anything else! I just love knowing that she is there and watching over us. Can't wait to hear what you find out!

Pearl said...

A male voice from the back of my car actually saved my life once. I haven't written the story out yet, but Lord knows I've told it. Had I not pulled over when the voice said to, I would have fainted while doing 60 on a freeway. As it is, all I have is a noticeable scar on my neck. But there was a voice. He told me what to do, and I did it.

Yikes. I really have to type that story up!


Anonymous said...

I definetly believe in ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I believe in ghostS, UFO'S, the paranormal. I mean it is a big world out there and everyday we discover new amazing creatures in our seas.

I have not had any supernatural experiences and I'm glad I haven't because I would so freak out! I definetly believe in Angels and signs. I definetly believe that when something bad happens or I'm confused, I always ask god, an angel for a sign and it is weird but I do get it, coincidence? I think not!

My mother has had a lot of experiences!! She has smelled roses when her family members have died. She says that when she is sick that she asks or calls out for her mom to take care of her and swear that she feels her mom right next to her watching over her and over all of us in the house.

My mom and I live in Mexico and my father lives in CA. One night my mom said she woke up in the middle of the night and when she raised her head she saw some lights in a picture she has hung up of her wedding day. She said she wasn't afraid at all. But that she felt like something happened to my dad like they were warning her or telling her something. So later that day she received a call from my day saying he had been in an car accident, he was ok but his car was a wreck he was really lucky.

My mother wakes up early, so one day she says she felt it was really hot and couldn't fall asleep. She went to the living room and opened the door a little bit, she said that she looks up at the sky and that she sees something moving. At first she though it was a plane but she noticed it was moving to slow and that all of a sudden it went off faster than anything she had ever seen!

She has experienced a lot of weird things, just writing about it gives me the willies!

Suzy said...

Believe it? My book, His Dead Wife, is all about the people who visit me and what I'm supposed to learn from them.

shrink on the couch said...

I have a LOT of serendipitous experiences .. amazing coincidences that often involve, say, something I read in a novel at 10pm resembling some obscure reference encountered earlier in the day. I pass these tidbits along to my husband and he thinks it's freaky too (he is an earthbound, pragmatic, logical thinker to the point of aggravation).

One of the strangest: On a Saturday eve, out of the blue, I decided to call my best friend from high school. I hadn't spoken to her by phone in years..maybe five years or more. Prior to then, we didnt' talk much by phone. We were long letter writers. Calling a friend on a Saturday night was unusual for me, too. On this evening I was new to motherhood. My weekends were no longer busy.

So on this night, I took a shower. Picked up the phone to call her. Put it back down. Decided to blow dry my hair first. While I was drying my hair, the phone rang. It was this same friend calling me. I nearly shit myself.

She was still child-free, so we couldn't blame it on the coincidence of both of us having "no life" on weekends.

As for other paranormal events, I have never heard voices or seen ghostlike images. I don't believe in the angels thing, but that's because I've never had anything happen to me which suggests it. LOL

I tend to take the view "who really knows."

http://howtobecomeacatladywithoutthecats.blogspot.com said...

I think people's spirits roam the earth after they're dead. Not sure what they do while they're roaming, but I think there are things that defy explanation.

Secretia Teller said...

Never happened to me but has to 2 friends of mine.


Anonymous said...

I saw a ghost, or whatever it was! It WASN'T of this world, I KNOW that. It was in January of 1998. It was black and solid. It did not try to hurt me, but made itself known. And it scared the shit out of me!!! It was seen at a guy friend's home that I'd been told was "haunted" but I thought that his grandma was just loony. Until then. I have also "sensed" when something is "not right" in houses or places. I think they are real. Email me if you want to hear the details.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and my grandpa came to me in a dream once, too. But it was a dream, not real. But I think it was a heavenly message. He looked like him, but young and refreshed. He came to the house, but told me he couldn't come in or stay. He told me he wanted to see how I was doing (I was going thru a real rough patch in life). I hugged him and told him I missed him, etc. It was SSSSOOOO real. Then he said he had to go. He turned around and walked 3 or 4 steps down the walk and *poof* was gone. It was awesome. I know it was really him.

Anonymous said...

Vodka Mom, you should read the Guideposts' book "Comfort From Beyond". I think that's the one, there's a whole series of books dealing with death, the afterlife, angels, messages, God, type stuff and they are ALL great reads! I have read the whole series. They are made of short essays and one is especially moving. A woman and her 6yo son come up on a bad wreck. She gets out to assist while waiting for the ambulance. The driver is alive but hurt. The passenger was obviously dead. When she returned to her car, she was trying to explain to her son. He said it was ok because he saw the angel open her car door and help her out and they went up. It gave me chills!!

Joanie said...

VM, do you ever watch "Paranormal State"? That group is from uh... Oregon.

Unknown said...

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tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Of course I believe in things we cannot see and understand! Is there anything in nature that simply disappears without turning into something else? Tell me, teacher lady, where does the energy in our bodies GO if not to a different level, or to surround those who are still living?

On a different note, I was driving down the road one day (pre-LSD trip, so I can't blame tracers on this occurrence. Peace, yo.) and glanced out my window to see a person jogging in a race uniform. You know, number, headband, etc.

Anyway. I saw a jogger. Only. There wasn't a jogger. There was SOMEONE jogging beside my car for 2 full looks. I looked. I drove. I looked again, and saw this transparent person AGAIN, and drove some more. I didn't freak out too badly, but it did shake me.

Wooooo!!!! My touch with the other side!! So exciting. A transparent jogger. Yowza.

MJ's doghouse said...

i am one of those people that wants to believe so bad....but i need proof...i hate it..but i do...i like sylvia brown...i loved john edwards crossing over show...and james prague...i am really excited to hear what your medium tells you....you will tell us ...right?

flutter said...

I've not told you that I have a ghost that follows me? We've not talked about the fact that I am an empath? hmm, I would have thought we had

mo.stoneskin said...

You don't believe in coincidences? Neither do I, what a coincidence.

I wrote a post on poltergeists once, can't link to it now but that is about as much first hand experience I've had.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if i believe or not - but good luck!! Cant wait to hear how it goes!

Jeanne Estridge said...

I once lived in an old house, where a bedroom had been added for the aging librarian who lived there. Two weeks after the room was completed, she died in it.

Many years later, my husband and I bought the house. We noticed how, when you were on one floor of the house, you'd hear muffled speech from another part of the house, like someone had left a radio playing. But when you got to the floor in question, there'd be no radio.

One night my goddaughter was staying with us, sleeping on a pallet on the floor of our room (because our old house spooked her). A noise woke me and I sat up in bed to see a figure standing motionless near the closed door.

"Emily?" I said.

But it was too tall to be Emily.


But it was too short to be my husband.

My eyes went wide and my mouth went dry. As I summoned my voice to scream, the figure vanished.

I've always believed in ghosts, but not, generally, in the people reporting them.

So now I'm in the position of being one of those people I don't believe!

Jen said...

Ooh, goosebumps! I'd love to meet all three of you :) Never had much of a personal experience, but I did have my tarot cards read a few times by a really NEAT lady - very cool.

WeaselMomma said...

I've had a few experiences in this arena, but none that I would post publicly, but maybe I would. I'd tell you one on one though.

Unknown said...

Believe in it? For an absolute certainty! I haven't been to a psychic in years and have never been to a medium; now you've got me on the hunt in my area. I want to hear everything she tells you and hope you'll want to share! Keep an open mind.

Stacey J. Warner said...

Oh yes, it is all wonderfully true. I'm not sure what I would do without my guides and angels. Especially, my parking angel. She comes in handy very often.

One of my close friends is a medium/psychic (Mia in my blog) and whenever she looks in a direction, I often think "someone" is there. When people come through that had Cancer, she burps (it's gross) but that's how they let her know they had it.


Anonymous said...

I believe in guardian angels and I think mine are my mother and father - too many things have happened to me not to attribute it to someone watching over me.

Brian Miller said...

intriguing post VM. i have seen too many things not to believe. its hard to call them coincidences because i believe that nothing is random, but has purpose.

i do think there are quacks out there though that abuse this belief. i am still waiting to become the rock star my fortune teller told me about. i imagine playing Rock Band does not count. lol.

Kathy B! said...

I totally believe in these things. I don't know what they are or how they get to us, but they are surely there.

Tara R. said...

I've had a couple of dreams that were beyond bizarre, one in which I believe I was 'introduced' to the man who became my husband, months before we even met. Yeah, I believe there are forces surrounding us that we don't understand.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I'd like to think there are angels around us to guide us although I have never had any freaky experiences myself. Looking forward to hearing about your meeting with the medium.

Kyddryn said...

Considering I've spent a fair chunk of my life helping folks get rid of malevolent, unpleasant, and/or negative energies/entities/spirits in their homes/workplaces/lives, I'd better believe in them.

But...ghosts don't seem to believe in me. Oh, I can get rid of them, but I can't see them, hear them, feel them or experience them. Not a bit. I grew up in a haunted house that was only haunted when I wasn't there. If I was home, all quiet on the northern front...but as soon as I was out of the house, he got up to his fun. It's the same wherever I go - the place may be all sorts of haunted twenty-four seven, but as soon as I get there...quiet.

It's annoying.

Meanwhile, I DO believe that we have influential spirits in our lives...people or things that watch over us, help us make our way around the pitfalls or survive when we blunder into them. We're all lessons to be learned and taught, and they are the teacher's aids...

Shade and Sweetwater,

CSY said...

I believe in the paranormal...I've had some experiences, but they're too long to share. Can't wait to hear what the nedium has to say.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother passed away last October. Since her passing my mother has been living out of state taking care of my grandfather.

Recently, my mother came for a visit. My mother, daughter and I made a wonderful late breakfast together and before we sat down to eat I asked my daughter to turn on some breakfast music. We then had a big loud (humorous) discussion about whether we were eating breakfast or lunch.

We sat down to eat as the song my daughter chose played in the background. The song ended and a new one started to play. The new song was "Don't You Forget About Me" from the movie "Breakfast Club". We immediately knew my grandmother was joining us AND giving us her opinion – we were eating breakfast. In the 80's when I was a teenager she moved away for a while and when she would come back for a visit she sang that song to me. AND it wasn't just the song that was playing it was the whole movie. Somehow the computer "shuffled" to a movie and was playing the opening credits and theme song.

I am a music lover, I checked, I have over 12,000 songs, movies, TV episodes etc… that could have come up in the “shuffle”. No way that was all a coincidence.

Pseudo said...

I can't wait to hear more.

Serendipity. I wrote about angels today...

Mainly a midwife said...

I absolutely believe in spirits. The Bible talks about spirits/demons and angels. I totally think it's for real. Frank Peretti's books (This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness) do a good job of personifying spirits as actual things that cling to us (but are invisible to us). Interesting reads.

TexasRed said...

Can't wait to hear more about this!

I left you a blog award over on my page today: Splash!

Laura said...

I've always believed that my kids have guardian angels all around them (waaaay too many "near misses" where they escape major injury by 1/2 inch or less!) and though I'm sure I must have them, I don't always give myself as much as I give my kids (who am I kidding--I NEVER give myself much of anything compared w/ my kids) but your post is a gift in itself. Today it's a reminder of these guardians as my 8 week old son faces testing on his kidneys ("abnormal" "enlarged" on ultrasound) & he has struggled to gain weight--is only 1.5 lbs bigger than his birth weight at 8 weeks old...probably all related to the kidney problem, whatever it is. I need to keep these angels in mind as I fear for his health, and ask them to comfort me in these times. Thank YOU for the reminder, even if it wasn't intentional...no coincidences, you know.

Amy said...

Well, yes, growing up with a brother who read... what was it Omni (?) magazine and other sci-fi things that we both basically took as facts I do believe in other dimensions and the unexplainable being real rather than just brushing it off.

Our experiences with our son teach me each time he goes in for surgery that we aren't alone. I'm just waiting for the day when he tells me who is with him.

When I was very young I never liked to go to Kentucky because of the voices in my grandmother's very, very old house. They were not distinct, more like murmurs, like buzzing, but it was too much for me. Too many layers of lives.

Consider yourself blessed with an open window.

Malisa said...

I use to be a medium, but now I am an extra large.

Malisa :)

Jenni said...

Okay...Malisa's comment above made me LOL.

But anyway...I DO believe it but I am scared to death by it so no way would I see a medium!

LOVE the TV show though!

Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite topics...
I don't know how it got started but...
I had the best discussion on a airplane with a priest about this.
I thought he was going to think I was silly and write me off, but no, he was as fascinated with the topic as I was.
In a nutshell, he told me that if you receive a visit from a "ghost"
that, that person is in heaven...according to him, "only souls in heaven can manifest themselves to living, those who are not can never appear without God's consent, and, he added " or without the expressed writen consent of Major League Baseball"

I have to admit I was a little slow to catch that he was being funny with the last bit...

He also added that souls appear to the living to either deliver a warning or to seek assistance from the living in the form of prayer or good deeds..some may be annoyingly persistant and that if you receive such a visit, a little prayer or meditation would help them tremendously in receiving fulfillment in heaven.

He did say that sometimes demons can masquerade as ghosts, and that if you receive a visit from a ghost that asks you to do something wrong or evil...pray for it to leave.

A very interesting discussion with a "man of the cloth". I just thought i'd share...

Peace - Rene

Elenka said...

Nah...I don't know. The only medium I've been to is in the ladies department at Macy's. I HOPE there's someone watching out for me, because I tend to go askew.

Boozy Tooth said...

I once had a close friend that spoke of her "Spirit Guides" which she had several of (and knew their names). Far be it from me to speculate on what someone knows to be true for themselves, but I was never quite sure what to make of it all. She explained them as guardian angel types. I found it fascinating and wondered if I also had any Spirit Guides. I can say with certainty that I have the best Spirit Guide you could hope for - God. But when he's busy, maybe he sends backups.

I did once - on a whim and just for fun - go to Casadaga (between Daytona and Orlando) to the Spiritualist encampment with my friend. We had readings with a medium and most of what she told me eerily came to pass just as she had predicted.

So I believe in lots of things and believe anything is possible. Saw a UFO once too with my mom and another lady. We all agreed what we saw could be nothing short of a Close Encounters phenomena, but of course nobody believed us.

Can't wait to hear more about your psychic adventures!

Cora said...

Okay, here's what I know about it all. My mom and her father-in-law used to tease each other all the time and he always said that when he died he would send the family messages from beyond. As soon as he died funny things started happening ~ the grand father clock in his house started chiming at odd times, my grandmother started winning a local lottery in the UK (she won at least twice within months of his death), and things kept falling on my mom's head (a bird flew over and dropped a slice of bread on her head; she was standing under some rafters and out of nowhere a knot of wood popped out and hit her on the head; etc - and these were all things he would have thought were HILARIOUS) My Mom is convinced he had done what he said he would and sent messages to everyone from beyond.

Then when my mom's mom died nearly everyone in the family had odd instances happen with light bulbs. My kitchen light started flashing on and off out of nowhere and my brother was out driving and every street light he drove under suddenly went out, etc, etc.

Conincidences? Maybe. But I think not. :-)

Cora said...

Btw, I was going to title my Wednesday post "I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts" because Scope and I went on a Ghost Tour over the weekend. Now if I use it I'm going to feel like I'm stealing from you!


Is it okay with you if I still use it?

Kim said...

I can't wait to hear the details! This is fascinating stuff and honestly, people need to hear more about it.

Anonymous said...

I read a book by Alice Sebold about a little girl that was killed by a neighbor but there was no arrest. Anyway, I was really into the book, couldn't put it down. Got to a scary part around 2:30am and the mirror in my bathroom FELL.OFF.THE.WALL!! right when her dad realized it was the neighbor.

Last year my students went through a phase when they wanted me to read a ghost story to them everyday at the end of homeroom. One day I was reading and a huge shelf fell of the wall.

I never really thought about all this, but do ya think someone's trying to make their presence known?!?

Glennis said...

I adored reading ghost stories as a kid - really loved them... Hans Holzer the ghost hunter, all kinds of ghost stories. As a teenager my friend and I scared ourselves silly by playing ghost pranks on one another.

But as an adult I have a funny relationship with this. I am a non-believer, irreligious, and yet I am superstitious - is that weird, or what??

Still love ghost stories and will read 'em whenever i can.

Joanie said...

Absolutely. After all, I'm the one who has a ghost who throws popcorn around in the middle of the night, a ghost cat, and sees ghost bunnies. Oh, and my grandmother was with me at the hospital after my surgery. Haven't been to a medium, but then again I've known a lot of people with The Gift to make that unnecessary.

Have fun!

Desert Songbird said...

I was raised by a mother who was from the far East. They are very plugged into spiritual things. Not to mention that we're Catholic, and mysticism pretty much goes hand in hand. I have had several "close encounters" of the spirit kind. I don't have a medium, but I have been to a spiritualist and had a reading done. It was years and years ago.

Junkstylediva said...

I have had more than one encounter in my life, so I absolutley believe in the paranormal because I have experienced it. Knowing that, helps me keep things in perspective when I allow myself to get caught up in the drama of life. Inge

Anonymous said...



Rachael said...

I just stumbled across your blog and have been reading the archives... had to comment on this post! My niece passed away in December 2001, shortly before she would have been eight years old. When I returned to work after the funeral, it was a blizzardy day and we got let out of work early. Walking across the parking lot to my car, I FELT her run to me and hug me. Ever since, I have known she is with me and has watched over me during my big moments- marrying a guy she never got to meet, giving birth to my son who she would have ADORED. She's my guardian angel. :)

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