Wordless Wednesday (Night) aka The One Hundredth Day kicked my Sass.

This is kind of a "Where's Waldo" version of Wordless (yeah, right) Wednesday. This particular scavenger hunt might include pictures of Ms. Perky, Vodkamom's home-made 100th day of school shirt, Munchies new obsession, incredible 100 day projects, and my new glasses.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sleep for a million hours. Frank and his cronies successfully kicked my class today.


Sandee said...

You crack me up. You really do. How fun.

Sleep well. Hugs. :)

Mrs. E said...

Now this made my day! Oh, you poor elementary school teachers! I do like the ants (cockroaches?) at your picnic!

Unknown said...

that's a whole lotta bedazzling or hot gluing going on...

Hope you had a great day
get some sleep :)

feefioto said...

On my son's 100th day of kindergarten the kids were supposed to bring in those golden foil cardboard crowns decorated with 100... something. He chose pennies. Can you imagine how hard it is to glue 100 pennies on one of those crowns and reinforce it so it doesn't collapse in on itself while he's wearing it? As I recall we used a lot of duct tape.

Joanie said...

How fun!!

Joanie said...

OK, just so you know, I'm the only one voting. C'mon people! I voted yesterday, and today the number was the same. **I** put you on page one!! You're now #50! If everyone else will help, we can get you closer to the top.

Notes From ABroad said...

Eewwww.. I don't love the ants but that little Munchie is turning into a bag kitty !
One day you will put your bag down on the desk at school and Munchie will pop out lol.

noexcuses said...

Love those 100 day projects! Some very creative ideas!

Love that little cutie pie hiding in the bags!!!

Great pics!

Irish Gumbo said...

Are those bags made out of catnip?

Adrienne said...

Someone oughta let that cat out of the bag.
Very cute projects.

Captain Dumbass said...

My boys have their 100 day coming up. Think I'll steal those marshmallow sheep. Assuming those were marshmallow sheep. If not, er... never mind.

Brian Miller said...

nice. our 100 days was yesterday...lots of fun!

and inspiration struck me tonight...check your email come weekend...

slow panic said...

i swear the 100th day of school -- in kindergarten and 1st grade is a major holiday. again i say -- i heart you teachers.

Ann Imig said...

Sooooooo cute.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy 100th.
You rock,

Adrienne said...

soooo cute - i especially loved the ants display!

Lorraine said...

Don't you think it's time to let the cat out of the bag! Sorry, couldn't resist. It was either that or "Got Purrs". Love the homemade shirts Snow days have pushed our 100th back a week.

Karen Harrington said...

Love this! My little kindergartner just had HER 100 day celebration, too. She said, "Even though I've been going to school now for 100 days, I'm still not used it it Mama."

Ha! Do YOU ever feel that way?

You have to come by and see my WW!

Cora said...

AWWWWWW for the kitty cat who hides in your purse!

SkylersDad said...

You look great rocking the 100 shirt!

Macey said...

Those are some amazing 100 projects!

Sammi said...

My Daughter's 100 day is Monday they all have to wear a shirt with a number on it. They are having contests and other fun treats throughout the day. I do not know how you amazing teachers come up with all these ideas! I heart teachers!

Suzy said...

My dog used to jump into all open suitcases. He was so afraid he'd be left behind. Looks like someone else has the same idea.

Sharon Rose said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun with 100 days!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a Where's Munchie book. On every page there would be a thousand purses, all different shapes and styles and only one would have Munchie peaking out?

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