The best part of spring? Oh ladies, we KNOW it's the shoes.

First, guess what our girl wore today?

And I am HEADING to Target to find a pair of these in my size. I MUST HAVE THEM!!

(Frank wore the most hilarious sunglasses to school today. They made me laugh so hard I insisted he wear them all day. Even though the horrible black thunderclouds that hovered over our school all day made it dark and gloomy, I allowed him to wear them to protect his eyes from the "glare". They also kept him pretty pre-occupied all ding dong day, which was fairly brilliant on my part I must say. If I had a pic that didn't show his face, I would totally post it.)

carry on...


Captain Dumbass said...

Very springy, very blingy.

Jenean said...

well, it won't make you laugh but, I look forward to your post. thank you!

Gigi said...

Target, you say???? Hmmmm, can you guess where I might be headed tomorrow?

I'd love to see Frank in his funky sunglasses....but I understand I'll just have to use my imagination. And I'm sure that is nowhere near as fantastic as the real thing!

Karen Harrington said...

So cute! I have my kiddos spring shoes on my blog today. :)

Brian Miller said...

that is so the cleopatra look which is in this year...wonder if they make them in converse?

Gayle said...

That girl has style! Love it. And totally love Frank's grilled cheese gesture in the previous post. Wish the world had more thoughtful acts like that.

Something funny....ug! I got nothin'!! You'd think something funny would happen, but if it did, I can't remember.

I'll come back when I think of something.

Notes From ABroad said...

Love the sandals !!

Take Franks photo and photo shop it, use the blurry ReTouch thingee and blur his face out.
I want to see the photo !!

the mama bird diaries said...

I can not wait to wear flip flops again. Oh wait - need pedicure.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Love the shirt! And could you take a pic of the sunglasses without Frank in them? Just a thought. : )

Vodka Logic said...

The shoes the polish... I love them

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