From one mother to another...(aka They love me, they really, really love me.)

As a motherless daughter, I have often struggled with Mother’s Day. I count the days as it approaches, and I convince myself that it’s no big deal.

I wake up that day, determined to smile and enjoy it for what it is, and at some point I always end up crying.


This year I have a feeling the tide is about to change.

While I am proud of who I am, and all that I have accomplished so far – I am spending the day celebrating all that MY children have taught me. I am celebrating BEING a mother, instead of missing a mother.

These are the incredible lessons that I’ve learned thus far.

1. There is absolutely no talking in the car.

2. If you host a prom party, odds are great that some unsavory items might be found in your yard the morning after.

3. You have to be able to text quickly, and have your phone available 24/7.

4. You will learn the first name of every person that works at Verizon Wireless. (Bring donuts and coffee- it helps.)

5. Prom dresses must NOT be purchased in your hometown- and frankly the farther away you have to drive, the better.

6. Filling out college applications and FAFSA forms are hazardous to your health.

7. Your children will call you every single name in the book. And if you’re doubly lucky, it will happen on Christmas Day, Mother’s Day AND your birthday.

8. You will run out of gas the day after any of your children uses your car to run a “few” errands.

9. When your children start driving, you will learn the true meaning of fear. This particular fear will stay with you, but is eventually tucked away in a corner of your heart where it won’t get in the way. However, it will remain there for the rest of your days, I’m sure.

10. No matter how many times you stumble, fumble, fall and fail, your children will love you with every breath they take.

They remind me each and every day that love is the tie that binds. I know that they love me with the same unconditional and unwavering love that I feel for them.

And that’s a huge relief.

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you mothers.


Ann Imig said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the sweetest, funniest Moms online.


An Unlikely Retirement said...

Thanks, I needed that. Happy Mother's Day.

Mrs. E said...

Awww...this reminded me of some good posts! : ) Sorry. I am just thrilled to know I am not the only Mom dealing with these things. Misery loves company--especially Mom misery! You are never alone! Happy Mother's Day!

Sue said...

Your post this morning is right on. Mother's Day is to remember our own Mom's we've lost, but it is also a day to celebrate these kids of ours that we have created. Yes, they continue to torture us daily, but I don't think we would trade that love/torture thing for anything! Just a heads up. When you have little grandkids, you love them even more. But they can torture you too. Went to my Riley's little t-ball game the other day. Being the good grandparent, I was sitting in the park on the grass watching her game. Suddenly Riley appeared from nowhere behind me and had handfuls of dirty grass mixed with God only knows what, and covered my entire head and hair in it. I know it's their little way of saying, "I love you"!

Happy Mother's Day to you my friend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of my all time favorite blogging moms!

Ha ha! The word verification is goons. Perfect for the after prom kids!!

Cheryl D. said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! My mother died weeks after I became a mom. The whole paradigm of Mother's Day totally changed for me then. I've learned to just let it be about me! Me, me, me!

I hope you enjoy today with you beautiful kids!

absees123s said...

Thank you so much for this post today. I needed to hear it so badly, as I too, count the days until Mother's Day. I lost mine nearly 10 years ago..she was 62 and took a nap and died in her sleep. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't long to hear her voice, but today I also celebrate being a mother of an almost 24 year old son. One that has brought me such joy, and of course, tough times too!

Happy Mother's Day and thank you!

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy Mother's Day, VM!!!

Unknown said...

Happy mother's day to you too. In the UK it was in March, but in Finland they celebrate mothers today and in Sweden (where my mother actually lives) it's the last Sunday in May. I could do with this day being synchronised around the world...xx

MahoneyMusings said...

Thanks for this. It's my first Mother's Day without my mom. I am trying my best to focus on being a mom for my 4 kids...thanks for the reminder.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Betsy Brock said...

I'm totally with you on dreading the day. I've had to learn to celebrate my own motherhood and the children that made me a mom! Hope your day has only happy tears this year!

Maggie May said...

This was awsesome. Happy Mother's Day!!

Brian Miller said...

you rock VM! hope you have an incredible mothers day!

Elenka said...

You're right.....(i don't know anything about the Verizon people, tho.)
Have a great Mother's Day.

Lili said...

You are truly the gold, no, platinum, standard of motherhood.

Thank you.

Scope said...

If there's not talking in the car, I bet there have been times you've wanted to lock them in the vehicle for a few hours (days).

Happy Mother's Day

Sharyn said...

Number 10: Are you sure about that? Do you promise promise? Pinky swear?


So. Cal. Gal said...

Happy Motheer's Day, hon! Your kids are gorgeous!

My wv is: palls. Turn the 'p' upside down and what do you have? lol!

Notes From ABroad said...

Happy Mother's Day !
I am one of those daughters who had a mother that she did her best Not To Be Like.
I think I did an excellent job and because of that, I have 2 children that still like me .. even love me !

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, VM.

Rima said...

Happy Mother's Day, dear friend! I hope you had a good one, and that you were able to find some peace this year :)

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's day! I'm a little relieved that it would take a few more years before I find out the true meaning of fear! LOL! Number one though is my GOLDEN RULE at the moment :)

Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

Lovely. And just what I needed on a day when I've been thinking how nice it might be to have a month or two without kids.

Suzy said...

Could your kids be any more gorgeous?

Happy Mother's Day! (it's late)

Carolyn said...

Your pic is so precious! Happy mom's day!

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Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day. You are so terrifying me with all the prom stuff. Thank God I only have a boy. And he hates tuxes. And hopefully will still hate them ten years from now.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Happy belated Mother's Day. FYI: I'm after your title. I became a vodka mom this weekend......and I liked it. ;-)

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, now this one hit home...

Anonymous said...

This was my first mother-less Mother's Day and I let a few tears out. I also smiled and laughed with my kids and Mother-in-law.

It was a great day to honor Mothers here and gone.