You will never, ever believe it. (I don't know why I'm surprised. It was time to be shaken up.)

Some of you old-timers might remember way back when I got into a tiny bit of trouble for my blog.

It was handled by the “powers that be” DOWNTOWN, and after a lot of hysterical sobbing, talking, more sobbing, perhaps a spanking and even more talking, I chose to take this lesson and use it to improve who I was as a person, a writer AND a teacher.

I see myself first and foremost as an educator, as this is what I have devoted most of my life to; but I am equally comfortable with the fact that I am a writer.    Writing has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember, but actually sharing it with the world is still fairly new to me. 

The administrator that handled my “case” did so with a firm hand, but all the while treated me with respect, intelligence and professionalism.  He listened to what I had to say.   He pointed out that I had to protect the identity of our schools, our children and our co-workers.  Additionally, I was to remember that during the day I had a responsibility to the children entrusted to me, while at night I could (of course) continue to work on my writing and my blog; just no pictures, no names and complete anonymity.   

I value my job, so I had to pay the piper.  I did so with a smile and a renewed determination that this would only improve my work, and my writing.   Frankly, I am sure it did.  I was also encouraged to use this to mend some rifts with my principal that had been neglected.  I can honestly say that fixing that particular issue has been a good, good thing.

But that is not the end of the story.   Oh no it isn’t.

We have recently hired a new leader in our school district, and he came to town this summer with his young family- honored and excited to lead our large, well-respected school district.   The members of our educational community were excited for this change, but didn’t envy his coming here at a tenuous time.  It’s a tough gig, people.  He’s where the buck stops, if you will.

He called me towards the end of the summer asking for a bit of advice for his presentation at the “first day of school” presentation he was preparing.  I was shocked and honored that he would call ME.  Sure, I write a well-received column (and thank GOD every day that they still let me do it) for the local paper, so I assumed that was how he got my name.  When I first saw his name in my emails my heart stopped- I won’t kid you. 

We had a great discussion, laughing and sharing stories about kindergarten children as he had a daughter entering that particular grade this year.  He shared some great reading material, and I was impressed with his engaging personality and his obvious intelligence.  (I guess the interview team got one right this time.)

I ran into him tonight at the Arboretum located on the grounds of the Smith and Wesson University here in town.  They were holding a huge pumpkin “carve-off” and he was there with his children to judge the pumpkins.  There were many, many people there and I was shocked when I ran smack into him!  (Although, basically, that's what I do.)

We chatted happily about the year, some of his experiences, and about his children.  He pointed to the kids laughing and admiring the pumpkins and told me their names.  

The last one, an adorable rascal running circles around the others, turned and smiled.

“That’s Jack!” he said with a laugh.  He turned to me and said under his breath,    “He’s my Frank!”

Say what?


He wished me well, smiled a genuine smile, waved and followed the kids down the path.

I couldn't move. 

I picked my JAW UP FROM THE GROUND and shook my head.   No.   That’s not what he said.  He didn’t say Frank, did he?  FRANK?

I think he said, “He’s got a bank."   Or, "He’s sometimes called Hank."  Or, "He needs a spank!"    Or maybe "Sometimes he smells rank.”

Cause I am pretty SURE he didn’t say Frank.

Oh my Lord.


AMY said...

OH My......Bwahahahaha!
That is too funny!
Never know who is out there reading your blog!

Expat mum said...

Gah - not quite sure whether that's good or bad, although he sounds like a fan!!!

Ash said...

He sounds like good people :)

ella said...

hahaha, that is great. I'm a new reader but I'm all caught up now - crazy!! So glad you didn't go away for good.

RottenMom said...

Ha! So funny! Well, with your 2 million followers it was bound to happen!

Not too long ago, I wrote something negative about a neighbor scaring my kid. Sure enough about a month later, she, in a round about way, let me know that she had seen what I wrote. I about died. I had no idea the woman even had a computer.

ChiTown Girl said...


He must obviously be fine with it, though, so please don't start holding back on us! ;-)

Vodka Mom said...

I love him more and more! He really is "one of us." and he cares about KIDS and their education. Imagine that.

Plus, he rendered THIS teacher speechless.

Gigi said...

Just goes to show....you never know who is reading.....

But obviously, he approves.

Unknown said...

what a class act...and a fan, too! :)

Brian Miller said...

keeping an eye on you eh...hmmm....smiles.

Mrs. E said...

I'm not gonna lie. After your first go round, I got a little concerned. And my last two evaluations, my principal always mentioned my blogging, facebook ways. He expressed confidence in me, but cautioned me at the same time. Last spring, I finally just copied the link to my blog and said--full disclosure here. Does he read it? I have no idea. However, I just recently found out that he has a blog, too. Hmmmm!! I thank you for letting us learn right along with you!

Sue said...

I'm so happy he has a sense of humor! The world has to be able to laugh, it is so important. Apparently your principal understands this!!

Take care, Sue

Miss Mommy said...

What a great response from him! LOVE it!!

Pseudo said...

Does he have a clone? Could we could really use one like him over here.

And nice readership there Vodka.

; -)

Ellie Belen Ambrose said...

He reads your blog because - it's on your permanent record. ;)

I wonder what's on my permanent record.

Anonymous said...

too stinkin' funny!

Leslie said...

A free pass...that's what you got with this one, Missy.

Cheryl D. said...

That's awesome! I guess you won't have to worry about your blog's existence for a long, long time!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ha! If he knows about Frank than he also knows you're an awesome writer.
xo jj

Pent-Up Photos said...

He did not! No way! That is too cool! You know what you have done? You (or your new super hero superintendent) has just restored my faith in the education system! I have been so depressed about the direction educational leaders have been heading in the last couple of years. You (and your super hero superintendent) made me smile! Thanks you! It is good to be back...I have missed you!


Dawn said...

He probably was reading your blog LONG before coming to your town and you didn't even know it. But I'm glad he has taken it in good humor.

Oh... and VM, don't forget to breathe. Things like this make us forget to exhale sometimes :)

Linda M. said...

Holy Crap, I about died reading your blog today!!!!!!! I couldn't get my computer to scroll down fast enough to find out if you were going to be in hot water again or what.


By the way, in case I haven't told you before, you do have such a gift for writing. You, unlike me, are able to tell a story with a FEW well chosen words. Me, I need pages...

Everyday Goddess said...

Love it!

Ann Imig said...

Now that is what they call Karma.

So fantastic.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, I love this...and WHEW! (I was scared at first, but I think this is going to be all right, yes?)

Hugs to you!!



MaryBeth said...

I think being a superintendent must be the most difficult job in the world, but to have any administrator that really cares about kids, what a blessing.
I think you've earned it!

Scope said...




Laura said...

That's SO awesome, VM!! He really IS good people, and you truly deserved the boost this must have given you!! <3

anymommy said...

I love him!! I double love him. That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I blog under my real name, and the admins in my district know about my blog and read it regularly. They've told me that as long as I don't name names or cross certain lines (and those lines are well-defined), I am free to write whatever I wish. I even complain openly about the administration sometimes, and they're okay with that (as long as I don't identify the school district or name names).

I think school admins are FINALLY starting to realize that the boundary between the online world and the real world is becoming more and more blurred each day, and that kids have embraced the online world far more tightly than most adults have. The idea of kids seeing their teachers as human is a foreign concept to many people, but I find that the best way to relate to my students is by connecting with them in their world. And in an ironic sort of way, the "me" they see on my blog is more human and "real" than the one they see in front of the classroom every day. And they respect me more because they know I'm more than just a cardboard cutout standing at the front of the room.

Lucia said...

I like him too, "my frank"! so cute!
I wonder if he has ever commented???

SkylersDad said...

I would have paid good money to see that exchange between you two!!

phsymom said...

Sounds like you guys got a great superintendent with this guy.

LOL, I wonder who has his FRANK in their class?

Keep up the awesome work and writing.

Joanie said...

YAY!! A fan in administration!

Sarah Garb said...

Awesome indeed. You have to appreciate kids and their quirks and humor to work with them, and capturing their quirks and humor with stories is a way to celebrate that. Love that he knows Frank!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Bahahahaha! Always good to have the big guys in your corner!!

Just Words On A Page said...

Now that's amazing, and I love the fact your new administrator loves you and your blog and FRANK!