Yes, Paul Harvey, it's the REST of the story.

We sat at the table in the faculty room, enjoying the PTO’s special valentine pasta luncheon when Mrs. Perwinkle spotted us, smiled and made a beeline for our table.

At the table were the kindergarten teachers, a couple of interns and now our incredible music teacher.

“So, Mrs. Periwinkle, I have a story for you,” I said.  “Today when I brought the kids back from music, Ariana was swinging something above her head and dancing down the hall.  She said, ‘Can I put my underwear in my backpack?’   We were all standing there, and it was hysterical. Now, come on, tell us what happened!!”

“Oh my God.”  She said, laughing.  “Here it is, here it is. The kids were singing on the carpet, and all of the sudden Ariana went, ‘OOOPS!’  She looked at me and said with a smile, ‘I think I just peed!’ So I told her to zip out to the nurse.  Then, Jack pointed to the wet spot and made a dramatic gagging sound and I told him- and all of the children- to move far, far away from the spot and leave it alone. 

Then Gregg crawled right over, scratched the spot with his fingers and sniffed it.”

At this point, we were all laughing uncontrollably, which is a daily occurrence during our particular lunch period.  She continued, “But it doesn’t end THERE.   Ariana came BACK into the room, skipping and smiling, and with a suspicious bulge in her pocket.   She continued to play with this suspicious bulge for the rest of music. She was moving it back and forth across her pants. 

And now I know what the bulge was.  And that she was swinging it to and fro all the way down the hall.”

For those of you who trade stocks and bonds, who fire people, who go in front of judges or sell cars or build houses, I must say I’m sorry.   Some of us are fortunate enough to spend our days watching the true miracles of life:  Kids who run down the halls swinging their underwear and singing a song.


Anonymous said...

Thank you love, for making me smile on a very difficult day!!!

I love your blog and cannot fiqure out how to sign in with my email?????

Gigi said...

You know...today was one of those days where I would have been delighted to see a child skipping down the hall swinging her underwear while singing.

Because grownups? Grownups aren't always very much fun!

Brian Miller said...

scratch and sniff....lord, he will never live that nic name down...

Dawn said...

OMG!!! Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything when I got to the scratch and sniff part because I would have seriously choked!!
TOO funny!!

Anonymous said...

From catastrophe to self confidence and chuckles - who is role modeling who here!

We all need an Ariana in our lives -
she has what it takes to survive in this world - thanks VM for sharing.

As for Gregg, well, he's not going to take just anyone's word for things - maybe, a budding scientist? (smiles)
faithful follower

Notes From ABroad said...

Oh to be one of those people who can see into the Future .. I want to see what that little Ariana grows up to be :)
I think I already know what Gregg will be ( doctor) lol
TGIF, honey !

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Scratch and sniff ... hope he doesn't grow up to be a panty thief!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I bet this girl and the sniffer end up married someday.
Thanks for the laugh.
xo jj

SkylersDad said...

Sure, swinging your undies is cute in Kindergarten. But I do it at work just one time, and I am fired!