Next year I'm not even saying the WORD Geography. (If I live through this year, that is.)

“Hey, Zak, what country are you from?” Sasha asked while coloring during reading group. (Sitting right next to him but had to SHOUT it at the top of her lungs.)

“Huh?” he asked her.  (And still he didn’t hear her.  Go figure.)

“I THAID, what COUNTRY are you from??” she shouted again as he stood beside her.

“Amewica.” He said with a smile.

“Oh.” She said, as she returned to her coloring.  Then added, “That’s far, far away.”  

Sweet Cheezus. 

(details?  As soon as I have the nerve.)


Japolina said...

Ha! Sometimes here in Miami we feel that America is far, far away too!


Japolina said...

Ha! Sometimes here in Miami we feel that America is far, far away too!


Brian Miller said...

ha...yep very far away from where i live as well...smiles.

Karen Harrington said...


Rick Daley said...

Geography, is that the study of rocks or shapes? I forget.

Expat mum said...

To be fair, as a foreigner here, I notice all the time that people usually say the USA, the US, the States etc and don't use the word "America" as much. But still, ...........

MOV said...

that's ok, we drove to visit some friends who live 30 minutes away and my younger son said (when we were half way there) THEY LIVE SO FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!



Scope said...

Well, I know my daughter is getting world geography pounded into her as part of Freshman "World Studies". I just wish they had a class called "Neighborhood Studies" so she knew where she was when she was 3 blocks from home.

And deets when you're ready.

Notes From ABroad said...

From someone at the BOTTOM of the World ! I laugh and think she is partly right, depends on which America :)

SkylersDad said...

Those of us here in the mountain time zone are kind of like the land that was forgotten. When they announce an event on TV, just listen close. It is usually something like "Starting at 8 oclock, 7 oclock central. Those of you on the west coast will see it in it's entirety at (fill in the time)".

What about us? Do we not count? Is anybody even aware there are 4 time zones across the continental US?

jonathan said...

Reminds me of the time one of my fifth grade students was taking a states/capitals test and they could locate the state we live in, North Carolina, but then labeled the surrounding states with France (Virginia), Wisconsin (Tennessee), and Italy (South Carolina). The best explanation that I could come up with was that France and Wisconsin are known for cheese and lots of Italian dishes have cheese in them?!?! And what that has to do with North Carolina remains a mystery to me. :)

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