The Book. (The Frank Man Cometh)

Yep, I'm wrapping it up.. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to talk about "The Proposal", or  "The Book", or the agent who doesn't even KNOW that I'm the best client he has never had...but I forget to follow the rules.

Almost all the time.

But as I prepare to send the proposal BACK to the best agent I've never had, I wanted to share something.  I went to Wordle, and plugged in the manuscript.

Here's Frank's word cloud.

Now, everyone cross your fingers.    (Pretty, please...)


ChiTown Girl said...

Wait! I don't see a word cloud! Is it just MY computer?

Brian Miller said...

yep i dont see it either but....got you covered on the manuscript too...that is very exciting VM

Notes From ABroad said...

There is a question mark where there should be a cloud, this question mark is the Editor asking you how much of an advance you would like .

Best wishes, good good good luck !!!

besitos, C

Karen Harrington said...

I don't see a cloud either. Still, I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted!!

Stephanie said...

I don't see a word cloud either, but my fingers are crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

I don't see it either

Denise said...

I see it, but then again, I have superpowers. . . Good luck to you! I just published my book too - more fun than the law allows!

Utah L said...

I,ve got a cloud, also is raining outside which is much needed in these parts.

SanH said...

Good Luck!

Sherri said...

I see it too :) Everything is going to be awesome.

Gigi said...

I see it! I'm so excited for you!

Dawn said...

I see it... but I'm wondering if it means Frank learned a lesson from one teacher OR One teacher learned a lesson from Frank??? :D lol

jwg said...

That would make a cool part of the cover design.

MaryBeth said...

I see the cloud, and Dawn, I thought the same thing. I love wordle it is so much fun.

And yes, it can be done as long as your children don't need any money! Maybe you will get some gift cards from your students...I just got one from Subway!

Kevin McKeever said...

Nothing but luck, VM!

LindaS said...

Don't forget to let us all know when we can buy it - it WILL be in ebook form, won't it?

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