Why can't they arm us with an extra can of patience and love? (Sometimes even NON-witches melt.)

Some days are harder than others to recover from when you’re positioned on the front lines.

Oh sure, as teachers we’re armed with stickers, words of encouragement and 30 minutes of recess to threaten a child with, but it’s war out there nonetheless.  (You know why they don’t allow teachers to carry weapons?  Cause they would SHOOT THEMSELVES.   Probably at 3:00 p.m.)

The temperature today was 89 degrees, and the “air-cooling” system installed in our state of the art school was pissed, and decided to stay home for the day.

And so, because I can barely function, I offer short and sweet snapshots from this week.  They might include an amazing field trip, and one great reasons why I was able to pull out the glitter AND the paint this week.  (sigh…heaven…)  And THEN I will indulge in a refreshment of some sort; that may or may NOT include vodka.

Yeah, I'm crafty.  (Just don't tell anyone...)

And check out the store…the boots are to die for.

("Mrs. Smythe...Jack said that word again. the meanest of the bad words...." It's Groundhog's Day...only there's no SNOW and Bill Murray is nowhere to be found.)

And oh wait, did I forget to mention?  Frank came down to my room today to tell me that I am invited to his mom's wedding.  He's singing at the reception.  (Karaoke)  You KNOW I am going.   Wild horses couldn't keep me away.....


Brian Miller said...

you need to take a video of frank as well....

love that last pic too...

93 here today...ugh...

♥ Braja said...

yeah, totally film that wedding. and drink heaps of vodka doing it. what a combo :))

Ellie Mae said...

Oh my! You definitely have to go to the wedding and then tell us about it!
And I love the glittery green octopus whooshing out of the mud on the bottom of the sea floor...or the grass growing--whatever it is! Very expressive :)

Gigi said...

A wedding with Frank singing karaoke? Oh, I can't wait to hear all about this!

MaryBeth said...

Sorry about Jack - his twin in our class has been using his words as well - not what we meant when we told him to use his words during the last WWF knock down!

We let he children get their markers our of their lockers for the first time this year - we do have a great class. The room was silent for 30 minutes!

So jealous - no field trips for us. Why couldn't budget cuts cut out some of the useless training we are required to take?

Can't wait to hear about the social event of the season!

About Last Weekend said...

Hi nice to meet you, came through Kate Lord- Hilarious! Love the "shoot themselves" comment. Too true! I could never be a teacher. My kids are delicious but they drive me up the wall! (most uplifting moment in my day is waving them goodbye)

Doodle Noodle said...


I figured that anyone who shares my passion for vodka and education is someone I'd like to get to know. Hint- vodka & grapefruit juice- refreshing, and nobody knows (thanks Joanne).

I've been an administrator and a teacher. I remember one day, as an assistant principal being cornered between the classroom - upset teacher and yelling child, the stairway - aide telling me that the principal wanted to see me, one hallway - parent with a child needed to talk to me and a second hallway - teacher wanted to leave early. 2 arms, 2 legs, I felt dismembered - talk about being on the front line, I know the feeling!

Put your feet up. Have some vodka and grapefruit juice - your kids won't be able to say Mom was drinking in the afternoon.

Check out my blog at my website - doodlenoodlestuff.com.

Gail Paris

SkylersDad said...

Franks mom and karaoke? Holy hell that sounds way too good to pass up!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in . . . the Art is inspiring, the Bog walking inviting, and Frank's upcoming adventures - well, if they are planning a unique wedding - I think they are heading in the right direction! I am not sure I would be comfortable there- I like life to be just a little bit predictable, (smiling).
faithful follower

Scope said...

Just make sure the cameras aren't pointed your way at the reception. And who knows, maybe Frank has a really cute uncle...

... that DOESN'T turn out to be one of your former students. :-)

phsymom said...

Oh you just know that the wedding is going to be AWESOME.

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