If you have to stand in ankle-deep water, make sure you're wearing your daughter's Coach boots. (Shhh, don't tell Bitchy.)

I stood in the basement, ankle deep in water that was filled with dead millipedes feeling a bit shell-shocked as I looked around at the task that lay ahead of me.

I’m living in a beautiful, old stone house whose basement is comprised of three rooms with concrete floors and walls made of stone.  It currently houses some of the larger pieces of furniture I’d inherited from my parents- and boxes and tubs filled with various items the kids had collected over the years.

The floors were now covered in water; the boxes were reeking after being water logged for who knows how long and mildew was beginning to cover the huge maple dining room set.  Frankly, I had no idea where to begin; no idea whatsoever.

I opened the door to the garage, and pushed open the old wooden garage doors that led to the driveway.  I looked up and saw my good friend Trixie.  I had cancelled our pool date that morning and let her know I was in a bit of a crisis.  And, because she basically kicks ass, she flew across town to aid this damsel in distress.

I looked at her with quivering lips and my head shaking in despair.  She took charge.

She quickly assessed the (disgusting) situation, we threw on our boots and gloves and began to empty out the basement one water-logged item at a time.  I followed her lead, thankful that someone with a clear head was helping me help myself.

After a few trips out to the driveway, I glanced up the hill and saw two young, strapping fellas making their way from my (hot) neighbor’s house down to me.  I threw my head back and thanked the LORD.

I recognized them immediately, as I had met them just two nights before at a rocking party at that very home.  We bonded over several shots of, um, punch, and a cigar or two. 

They worked with my neighbor, Jack, who had assessed what was wrong and fixed my broken water heater just the night before.  Jack knew the disgusting mess I was dealing with and sent his guys to help.  I couldn’t believe it.   

They quickly got to work, laughing and lightening the mood.   The clean up was not an easy task, but they managed to get the water out of the basement, get the drains working and helped with the heavy furniture.

We were soon joined by another amazing friend of mine named Dixie.   She just happened to stop by with some refreshing (ahem) lemonade and offered to help with my stinky mess. 

At the end of the afternoon as I sat on my front porch sipping lemonade and laughing with Dixie, I realized how lucky I was.  While I have quite a knack for stumbling into crazy disasters, I am also reminded that angels wrap me in their arms and lift me up every single time.

And while those angels are cleverly disguised as young handsome guys, friends from my youth and new friends- they are angels.   

Without a doubt, they are beautiful, lovely, incredible angels.


ChiTown Girl said...

Girl, when are you gonna realize that these blessings come to you because YOU are such a blessing to everyone else. Call it karma, call it The Golden Rule, call it whatever you want. You bring good to you because you put good out there.

Lynn said...

All of these people who came to help you are telling the story of you and how likeable you are!
You must be a regular "Miss Congeniality!

Unknown said...

Like others have said - I think it really shows what kind of person you are when everyone comes to help out. Keep being that blessing to others and am so glad that mess is cleaned up.


A Speckled Trout said...

We have had sewer backup in our basement more times than I care to count. Stinky? Oh, yes. Days and days to clean up? Yep. Angels on the horizon? Giddyup.

notme said...

What goes around....comes around.

And you got yours, VM!

Mrs. E said...

So glad you had help. You're sending out good karma!

Vodka Mom said...

I am just very thankful- for the good luck, and for the good friends. (You all included.)

Steph said...

So glad to hear you had help with that mess. Hope your July 4th is lovely!

Sue said...

Good karma ALWAYS comes around. You are such a good, caring, and giving person that it doesn't surprise me one bit that you were taken care of today. Living a good life and doing the right things in life ALWAYS keep us safer from complete disasters that other wise would wipe us out!

Happy 4th of July my friend,

Gigi said...

Sometimes, in the midst of crisis, you realize just how blessed you are.

The Bipolar Diva said...

Angels are good, and handsome angels are the best!

Pam Schmidt said...

God blesses with great friends in time of crisis. And then He sends a little something more to shake us a bit to prevent us from taking it for granted. Those extra hands from new friends was that little something more. I've been helped in similar ways so many times before. I always hope I'm on the look out to return or pay it forward to others.

I'm new to find your blog. I love your writing.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Flooded basements are the absolute nastiest! Friends to the rescue, though and I bet you have downsized considerably on "stuff". I hope your family pieces can be saved.
We are in the midst of a drought and extreme heat. I am considering calling off our fireworks and celebration for the weekend. It is so miserably hot and dry here.

Unknown said...

So happy that it all worked out so well!! Hope you managed to spike the lemonade! ;)

Dawn said...

*LOVE* how the man upstairs works... gotta love that he knows eye candy can lighten a bad situation quickly ;)