I'm packing my glass slippers, and living the dream...(aka BlogHer12, here I come...)

I’m heading to a little get-together this weekend, in an incredible city!   

Remember when I took Bitchy and Sassy there?  I still haven't recovered....and this time, I'm heading there ALONE!!

I am rooming with some lovely ladies who were kind enough to offer me a spot in their room. 

I hope to meet new friends, embrace and laugh with old friends, and see the city as I’ve never seen it before.


Frankly, I hope to spread the word about my project, and learn about the projects of others.

I will spend time with an intern who has a special place in my heart, and another high school friend who laughed with me for two weeks in Europe during our senior year in high school.   She lives in an adorable apartment on the west side, and I know that we will spend many hours laughing and reminiscing about wonderful moments. (At least those we can REMEMBER..)

And so, if you are in NYC this weekend, please, please look me up.  I can’t wait to give you a hug….

See you Sunday…..