It's the little things I miss....(Words that rhyme with dunk.)

I'm waiting for Golden Boy to be dropped off, and have been reading old posts while preparing to delete some...and came across this lovely reminder about why I love my boy so....

Today’s conversation with Golden Boy (11) in Dick's Sporting Goods. 

“Mom, come here! I found the goggles I want. They’re over where they keep the “protection.”

I looked at him,  “Protection? PROTECTION??? What do you mean protection???”

“You know, with the jock straps, cups and jock straps. “

Oh Lord I was trying SO hard not to laugh…

 “I guess you need to protect your eyes, and your junk in your trunk.” He added.

 “Junk in your TRUNK?” I said, wide-eyed.

“ Yeah. My JUNK. The junk in my TRUNK!”

“Honey, if your JUNK is in your TRUNK, then we’ve got bigger problems than finding goggles….”

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Brian Miller said...

hahaha...yep...i dont know if that is anatomically possible....for most...

SherilinR said...

lol! his junk in his trunk! he's keeping it in the wrong location!

Dawn said...

Ahhh... how the young ones misunderstand sometimes.
I remember telling my mom I wanted my carpet to match my drapes thinking it meant that my bra and underwear matched. Was QUITE embarrassed when I was informed otherwise!LOL

Japolina said...

My 12 year old is so funny too. He says the funniest things. (I kind of miss him today. He is still at camp)

Hope you have a great time with him.

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Your boy sure is funny. I'm amaze of how the kid's minds work. They come up with outrageous ideas.

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