Some day, SOME day, a prince will come. You just have to be able to recognize him. (The eyes....they reveal everything.)

You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

I declined his first offer for dinner.

I decided early on in the “match.com dating adventure” that I wasn’t going to respond to anyone whose profile did not show a picture.  It wasn’t necessarily because I wanted to be sure the person I was talking to didn’t have two heads, but mostly because I didn’t think it was fair.  I had posted not only pictures of myself, but also a few of me with my family.  If I had the nerve to, then I would hope that others would do the same.

And so I respectfully declined that particular invitation.

It was more than several weeks later when I received another email from this particular gentleman, along with a picture of him.  It said, in essence, “I’ve been thinking about you, and would really love to have dinner.  If nothing else we could have a great meal and make a new friend.  As I see it, we have nothing to lose.” 

I smiled, and in spite of the fact that he was 6’6” tall and towered over all the others in the picture, I replied with a yes.   If he had really been thinking of me for weeks and was brave enough to ask me to dinner again after having been denied, I felt he deserved a shot.  (There’s a lot to be said for persistence.)

After all, aren’t I the one who always claims that you have to say yes to things, that you have to live life and jump at every opportunity?  Sure, it’s important to stay safe, but dinner in a public place seems relatively safe to me. 

I said yes.

We met at a nice restaurant near my home during a raging thunderstorm.  I met him at the hostess stand where he stood, a tad wet, with a smile and a package in his hand.  After we were seated he handed me the bag from Barnes and Nobles.

“I thought you might enjoy these,” he said with a smile.

I reached into the bag and pulled out not only a Time and Newsweek magazine, but also an anthology of New York Times Crossword puzzles!  He HAD read my profile…apparently with a fine-toothed comb.

We spent the next several hours sharing stories, laughing, and having a really, really good time.  He walked me to my car, opened my door and I thanked him for a lovely night.

That was that.

I went about my business, had a few other dates with several other gentlemen and then received another offer from the tall one. This one included a list of many choices, but I smiled and replied that dinner would be just lovely. After all, I’d had a great time with him, and he was a nice man.  (I was unknowingly suffering from a BLOWN HIP JOINT, and was uncomfortable doing anything that required a lot of walking.)

This time he picked my up.  I figured that I knew his NAME, he was well known in the neighboring community, and if he WERE to murder me it might be a blessing in disguise.

We had dinner in a lovely restaurant down the road from my house.  It had a great reputation, wonderful food and an outdoor dining area that was quite lovely.   

He seemed more confident and more at ease. He took charge by ordering an appetizer and drinks, and we settled into easy, comfortable conversation.  We shared our day, stories from work, and laughed and laughed about this and that.  There was never a lull in the conversation and it was as if we had known each other for a long, long time.

He was in the middle of a funny story when I looked into his clear blue eyes and felt a spark.  We laughed together when he finished, and his eyes continued to mesmerize me.  I felt something stirring, tugging inside my heart, and continued to stare at him as if seeing him for the first time.  I hadn’t realized how attractive he was.  He was only a few years older than me, and his short white hair was quite attractive.  Frankly, the hair and the crisp blue eyes were reeling me in.

We finished our date, and walked comfortably to the car.  He opened the door, helped me in and drove to my home. He dropped me off and we said our polite goodbyes.  I stood watching as he pulled away, shocked about what was stirring inside my soul. 

 “What was this?  What was happening?” I thought to myself. “This was not what I had planned.”

I received flowers several days later… and some lovely emails, as we continued to get to know each other.  I felt a bit worried, hoping that I wouldn’t rush into anything.  I wanted to be sure that I only gave my heart to someone who I thought would hold mine with the utmost care.

And then I felt the nudge.   That little voice inside my heart that said, “If you don’t give it your all, then you will never know. You have to let go, and let it happen.”

And I did.

And Mr. Darcy?  Well, he’s one of THEM. You know, one of those men that we’ve heard about in stories of old.  The ones that hold the door for you, open the car door and insist that you wait for it.  The man that thinks of your comfort, and your feelings, the one that will send you flowers, bring you chips, light candles for you and take you on weekend trips to see your daughter play field hockey without hesitation.

And when he finds out that your little hip problem requires a NEW HIP and a SIX-WEEK recuperation, does he go running for the hills? Does he say, “Don’t call me, I’ll call YOU?”


He takes off work so that he can escort you to the hospital, brings you ice packs, buys you a cool cane and plans your recuperation schedule with your best friend, sister and daughters.

That’s the kind of man I saw that night at dinner.  I looked into those beautiful blue eyes and I spotted a prince.

A real, honest to God prince. 

(And not a minute too soon.)


Japolina said...

So excited for you. He sounds amazing

Expat mum said...

Bloody hell, as they say where I'm from. You MUST keep us updated. I'm now living vicariously through you! ;-)

Unknown said...

I think I just screeched with delight!

Sheila said...

Oh So Happy for you! You deserve the best and he sounds pretty darn great!

Anonymous said...

Also screeching with delight, and living vicariously through you! Jealous I am, but in a good way. So happy for you!!!

Mary in MI

absees123s said...
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ChiTown Girl said...

Well, shoot. There you go making me cry. Again.

Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy, you really are something.

And, Vodka? You SO deserve it!!!!

I've been praying for your speedy recovery.


Yolanda said...

i'm SOOOOOO excited for you!! i'm so happy for you, i'm so filled with mushy feelings for you! i mean, i don't have the feelings FOR you. i mean on your behalf. i love the last part, where he's planning your recovery with your best friend and daughter.


absees123s said...

I am thrilled for you!!! Can't wait to hear more and hoping, with all of my heart, that perhaps I'll have this in my life soon....Please, please, please keep us updated and GET WELL SOON!

Bragger said...

At our age, "in sickness and in health" takes on a whole new meaning. He's a keeper. I hope your recuperation goes nicely. Hugs from down South.

Scope said...

Hopefully you've omitted the "first kiss" bit from the story.

There has been a "first kiss" bit, hasn't there?

Jan's Sushi Bar said...

Oh, Vodka. VODKA. This made me soooooo happy for you. Nice men - they DO exist, don't they?

*doing the happy dance for Vodka*

Gigi said...

OH MY HELL! You made me cry! Real tears and everything!

*wiping the snot and tears away*

What a lovely man our Mr. Darcy seems to be....I'd say he's a keeper for sure.

You tell him he's got the blessing of your "pack" and he'd better not screw it up.... ;-)

So glad you found him...

Brian Miller said...

smiles....sounds like you got a good one VM...smiles.

Sue said...

I think a lot of us are living through you! Why? Because you my friend were the one that took the chance, you put yourself out there with an open mind and an open heart! I'm not happy for you but so, so proud. You go girl and keep enjoying the life and happiness you SO deserve!!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Cried. So happy for you.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Don't you just love when that happens? : )

Anonymous said...

yeah, I had one of those guys too for about 3 weeks, did all the same things your prince did, even said to me he would treat me like he would want his own daughters treated and that communication was important and then WHAM!! nada, nothing, not a word!!!! WTH??? REALLY???? as I look back, I ended up doing all the communication and he never took me out again after our first date (which was awesome btw and lasted 8 hours with lunch and dinner!!).....so I am baffled....he is the 6th guy I went on a date with from online dating sites....I am just about ready to give up!! why is it soooo hard to find a decent guy in our age bracket??? PLEASE SOMEONE INFORM ME!!! I came from the same situation as you so our backgrounds are similar and I just LOVE your blog!! thank you for your humor!! and I hope things work out for you. I know you dont know me, but I have been following your blog for ages. Oh and good luck on your hip surgery recovery.

Jill from NY

imacrazymomof4 said...

YAY!!! maybe this hip injury isn't so bad after all? many times you never see this side of a mate until it's too late to see that they haven't got an iota of compassion in them. i'm so happy that he is so thoughtful, helpful and attractive to boot!! what a bonus!!! ; ) YIPPY!!

have a wonderful recovery!!!

K Dubs said...

I've got the biggest sh*t eating grin right now - thanks for that :)
He sounds like a prince, and you give me hope.
good luck with the surgery!!

Lucia said...

yah! i'm truly happy for you! good luck with the surgery and recovery and don't rush the recovery!
Take care

SkylersDad said...

Such wonderful news, and I love the back story. I wish you all the best, because that is what you deserve.

If he doesn't work out, my offer to rub your hip still stands... ;^)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful story.

SanH said...

Well if he is a prince you must be his princess, and I truly think you are!

One crazed mommy said...

Oh I just got chills (good chills this time...not like the ones I got when I read about your hip...ouch)! That has got to be one of the sweetest things I have read in a while...buying you a cool cane, making plans during your recovery, and playing hookie from work! That is what I call a keeper! :)

MaryBeth said...

Love this story! You will look wonderful sporting that new cane as you recover.
Bless your Prince, he found his Princess!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Awwwwwwww!!!!!! VERY happy for you, and am looking forward to the next installment. Sigh! xxxxxxx

Cora said...

I could do cartwheels across the living room right now. I am SOOOOOOOO happy for you! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Joy said...

I met my prince on match.com, too. 7 years and 2 kids later, he's still my prince. Congrats!

Jen said...

WOW!! sooo happy for you. And surely it will be my turn next.
Huge congrats from across the pond
Jen in Oz

Lyn Goff said...

So happy for you. Just remember that no one is really that perfect and as you get to know each other better there will be hiccups...and that's okay if your expectations aren't too unrealistic. In the meantime enjoy the bliss of new love (and good luck with the surgery:)

notme said...

Great story....great guy & gal!

Will be praying for you and your medical team on Monday, and many days after that.

You take care of yourself, girl.

Unknown said...

so very happy for you!!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

...I am hearing the Etta James song 'At Last' while reading this - VKMom, I am so very muchly chuffed to hear this news on this fine sunny Saturday - You made space in your life for this to happen, and that little voice that nudged you forwards is the one to listen to. Wow!

You go girl, and rock that new hip when it comes! Mwah!

viridian said...

thinking great positive thoughts about your operation and a speedy recovery.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh man-- That is the greatest story EVER! I'm thrilled for you VM, really, really thrilled. Mr. Darcy sounds like a keeper.

Hope you're feeling good.
xoxo jj

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Good for you!!
Does he have any brothers?????

LindaS said...

My no-yet husband won my heart when I came down with mumps, and the other man I was seeing did a quick "bye-bye" at the news.

My husband cooked, cleaned, got medicine, and kept me company while I looked just AWFUL, and couldn't even shower or wash my hair.

How could I not fall for him?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good for you! You go girl! :)

That gentleman's lady said...

That stirring inside your soul, thats exactly what I felt the first time Mark walked away from me.

In some ways I KNEW in my bones that day, everything that he would be to me.

Funny feeling, isn't it?


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow just getting caught up on your life and love...you totally deserve a man like this......I hope it continues to be everything and more. So happy for you.