A blog? You're saying I have a blog? (Yikes, I almost forgot....)

I’ve neglected the blog, and all of you, as of late.

It’s not intentional.

I’m trying to put my heart back together as I remember the dear soul we buried last week.

I’ve also been busy being at the beck and call of Bitchy as Sassy, who have spent an inordinate amount of time in MY company over the holidays. Remember when they couldn’t stand the SIGHT of me?  When they hated me???? Well, apparently they love me now (who knew?) and actually want to do crap with me.  Sure, some of it might include me cooking for them three times a day, but they also want to talk and laugh and play games and stuff. 

I know!

It’s a strange kind of upside down world I’m now living in.

And Mr Darcy?  (Sigh.)  Well, let’s just say that his attention and love have kind of kept me up on cloud nine, and it’s hard to get an internet connection so high up in the clouds.

Again. I apologize for being neglectful.  I’ll  press the restart button tonight.


Brian Miller said...

lurve is not a bad distraction at all...smiles....

and last week, well that will take a while for sure...

Formerly known as Frau said...

Cloud nine is where you should be...enjoy we will always be here!

That Janie Girl said...

Love ya, heifer.

Kyddryn said...


Shade and Sweetwater,

Japolina said...

I'd rather you be MIA in cyberspace because you are happy and having fun rather than the opposite.

Gigi said...

What Japolina said.

ChiTown Girl said...

Please, don't EVER apologize for being too happy to post here!!


Scope said...

Glad the girls are getting their "Mom Time" in.

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