The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

It happens now and then, and my heart hurts a bit.

I came across one of her letters today while I was unpacking MORE boxes.  She had written it to me when I was in California. I was in law school and a thousand miles away. 

I read the letter and heard her voice.  I heard her laughing as she told the story that brought a smile to my face. 

“Dear D,
I’m watching Monday Night football and writing notes tonight.  
(More mushy stuff here. Then she continues…)

The other day I drove into Sun Bank at noon with the office gals, and went in the wrong way, parked the wrong way and the guard came out to my car. I apologized and said I was new to the area and he said, “I can see that. Do they ALL drive like that in Pa?”  So, after I used my 24 hr card, I walked by him and said, “I’ll see you!” and he said, “I sure hope not.”  The gals were all laughing! Today, I went back to the bank at noon and saw him! Angela laughed because I said, “Hello, remember me?” and he said, “How could I forget!” I said, “Look at that parking!” and got in my car.  Then, I almost hit a lady walking out of the bank right beside him. He was shaking his head as we left!   Ha ha.

Take care, and I love you so very much,

I’ll spend tonight trying very, very hard to remember how it felt to have her arms around me.  I’ll hear the sound of her voice and hear her laughter as she tried so hard to tell a funny story without laughing so hard that she cried.

I’ll think of my darling, darling Sassy and Bitchy, and how they laugh at all the things that I do, and how we laugh until we cry when I confess all of my most recent debaucles.

And then? 

Well, then I’ll remember that life is so damn good.


Brian Miller said...

yes, it is...smiles....enjoy the memories...

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

love you, girl.

Unknown said...

Awe special memories:) My mom has alzheimers (which is a horrible disease) but she is the sweetest person ever! So lucky to still have her.

Unknown said...

wonderful memories indeed!!

A speckled trout said...

I loved this........really, really loved this.

Sue said...

The bittersweet memories of those we love, even though they are no longer with us. I think I see where you got your brilliant sense of humor from;0)

Have a great day. . .

Formerly known as Frau said...

You made me laugh and cry in one post! Your Mom reminds me of my own...!

SkylersDad said...

Aww, you made me smile and get a bit misty... again! What is it with you and your ability to manipulate my emotions?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ahh, sweet memories.

And just think... Your girls will have your blog to remind them of you. That's pretty cool.

xo jj