Oh John, you said so many things well. (Feel free to sing along.)

On this dreary, cold and lonely winter day I am reminded that it isn't always glitter and roses.

But you know what?  Tomorrow may bring a great, unexpected miracle.  And when I lay my head down  each night, I try very hard to remember that....

(And this song?   It's all about missing my mom and dad.....who have been gone FAR too long.....and who I need more than ever.....) 


Brian Miller said...

who is that? smiles...

i feel the same way...about metallica...grins

ChiTown Girl said...

I've always loved John. Thanks for making me smile. =)

Stop worrying about that post-surgery fluff. It obviously doesn't bother Mr. Darcy. ;-) There will be plenty of time to deal with it when you are fully healed. Right now, your body needs to be handled gently, as it recuperates. Cut yourself some slack, lady. Don't MAKE me come smack you!!


Gigi said...

Oh jeez, I'd forgotten that song! Sending you hugs.

Vodka Mom said...

Well, Mr. Darcy is busy. Too busy for me.


sniff sniff.

Anonymous said...

VM, I had an accident last fall that prevented me from doing much of anything until a couple of weeks ago. I too put on a little from that and just started exercising a couple of weeks ago. I want to encourage you to hang in there, because if I can get through this, you can too! Take care of yourself, you are so worth it. (Just ask Max).

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