Sometimes it’s fun to eat (like) a pig.

There are several things I do that bring me peace, and a feeling of comfort.  Cooking, preferably for my family, is the one I adore the most.  It’s the cooking that weaves the thread that ties my home to my own childhood, and provides my own children with memories that they will carry in their own hearts.  The smells, the laughter, the fighting, the stories and the food all work together to make those memories incredible.

I spend the day before a big holiday pushing my cart through the grocery with an incredible sense of anticipation.  I wander through the produce sections, the bakery, the cheese department and then ultimately end up searching for THE ham.  The one I know will be the center of our celebration, but will also provide some yummy, yummy leftover choices for the days to come.  It always, always revolves around the ham.

I found an amazing ham this year from Dietz & Watson, it's the Dietz & Watson Nitrate Free, Uncured, All-Natural Dinner Ham.  This new All Natural Uncured Classic Dinner Ham offers delicious off-the-bone flavor without the nitrates. This ham delicacy is uncured, prepared with Sea Salt.


I knew that Bitchy, my nutrition major and expert on ALL that is healthy, would approve. I’m always looking for ways to remind her that I am, indeed, trying stay healthy and extend my life.  She insists that she wants me around for a long, long time, and takes every opportunity to tell me that good food choices AND exercise will do that for me.  And while I tell her to keep her knowledge to herself, there are times when I like to show off my own nutritional discoveries.  This ham was one of them.

 And so this year as we sit around the table and making our own incredible memories, I’ll feel just a bit better knowing that her advice and my discoveries at Sprouts Farmers Market  will ensure that we have many more memories on the horizon.

 My daughter and her mother thank you, Dietz & Watson.

Would you like to win a 100 dollar Visa gift card so you can buy your own ham? Just let me know what is your favorite part of holiday dinners?

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luckeyfrog said...

My favorite part is always the potatoes. Cheesy potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes... Pretty much doesn't matter to me!


Ellie Mae said...

My favorite part is when my mom is here to join in the cooking. Her cornbread dressing is the best! And my other favorite part is the pie! Or pies--yummmmm.

Brian Miller said...

its the people of course...
and the broccoli salad....
and pie...

#1Nana said...

My favorite part of any holiday is the grandchildren. They are my reminders of holidays past and the promise of holidays in the future...and the ham, of course!

Gabriela said...

My favorite part of holiday dinners is the photography. You know (or maybe you don't), slinking around as stealthily as possible and snapping photos of each and every one and every thing, trying to behave as non-chalantly as possible to capture those genuine, unposed shots, having conversations with the children and snapping their photos and catching them unaware. That's the best part of a holiday dinner for me.

Jen s. said...

Besides the dessert (ahem), my favorite part is the delicious smells that waft through the house all day. Anticipation makes everything taste better.

Sheila said...

My favorite is a combo: desserts and wonderful friends and families to eat them with~

Sue said...

Its the ham, its always the ham, and I would love to try the D W one thanks

Caroline said...

My favorite part is having two sassy, noisy, opinionated, challenging, and totally wonderful little girls (kinda like your two girls) with whom I can share our family traditions - the stories, the recipes, the china that only comes out for special occasions.

Oh, and I adore the green been mushroom casserole with the fried onions, too!

Lorraine said...

My favorite part of holiday dinners would be the conversation. The stories, the laughter, the teasing, the reminiscing - the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal.

Auntie Pam said...

My favorite part of a holiday dinner is getting ready for it. If it's here in our home, it's the planning and the printing of recipes and developing the timeline and ordering the crafts for the kids and such. If it's at a relative's house, it's asking and planning what dish I will bring, and then finding the perfect hostess gift and outfit to wear. I can't wait for Easter!

Kristin said...

Watching my little guy (almost 2) experience the holidays! I expect to hear, in response to no more candy from the basket, "no thank you, mom." His new favorite phrase!

Pamela said...

Mashed potatoes. Hands down, no question. My father-in-law makes the best mashed potatoes, so we make a point of always celebrating holidays together.


I happen to love ham. One of the joys of the holidays for me is to eat a good ham. It goes with everything, and i never get tired of eating the left-overs. Other than ham, I suppose I enjoy the family gathering during the holidays. The arrival of the guests, the noise, the constant chattering and the laughters...

Just tweeted about this promotion: https://twitter.com/themorningwaves

TerraD said...

Stuffing myself, surrounded by family!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is my dad pulling out the bottle of Irish whiskey. Everyone has a pre-breakfast shot of Jameson's with a lot of fresh ground black pepper floating in it. Then there's ham, eggs, and Slovak Easter bread buttered from a lamb-shaped wedge of farm butter.

danel said...

hmmmmmmm, my faaaaavorite part????

my moms sweet potatoes. especially with the ham..... oh em geeeee..... lol

josetteplank.com said...

I'm in charge of Easter dinner this year, and I was looking for a recommendation for the ham. Thanks!

My kids are all in charge of making a side dish. We'll see how this experiment goes. :-)

And my favorite part of any holiday meal is KIELBASA. I'm a Polish-Lithuanian coal region girl, through and through.

katie f. said...

I love the family & friends and prefer the holidays without the gifts so we can just enjoy each other without the stress & drama the gifts provide!

Maggie said...

The great time with family and friends. Food? The yummy sweet potatoes, and dessert!!!!

Alecia M. said...

My favorite part is making the desserts! Pie, cake, cookies..Oh My!

Serenemeg said...

My favorite part is all of the inappropriate conversations that make everyone laugh!

One crazed mommy said...

My favorite part is the coffee and dessert after the big meal, when the whole family is talking, laughing and sharing memories!

mitchiesmom said...

My favorite part of course is the people....but the food, oh the food!!

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