Tomorrow he plans on flying to Florida to save the world from evil forces....

I have an incredible NEW reason to get up each morning with a smile.

His name is Stanley.    Not that Stanley,  (remember this??) but a MORE ENERGETIC version. 

He’s 6 years old, is missing both front teeth, can’t sit still and sports an adorable flat top haircut.  And did I mention that he never, ever stops talking?  Did I?  Silly me.

He is a bit of a challenge, but we adore every single thing about him.  (Well, almost everything…)

I was waiting in the hall this morning for the few students who hadn’t come in yet.  I like to greet them in the hall with a smile and hug before they have to suffer through a morning of summer school. 

I looked down the hall and noticed a boy sauntering down the hall who looked surprisingly like Stanley.  However, this fella was decked out with what looked like a large plastic watch and very, very cool blue sunglasses. 

He pointed at me as he walked by and then stopped to hang up his SkippyJohn Jones backpack.

“Stanley! I’m so happy to see you!” I smiled.

“I’m NOT Stanley,” he said  emphatically.  He pulled his sunglasses down and said, “I am a super secret agent with the AAA Spy Club.  My name is Agent WILD.”    (How appropriate, I thought to myself.)  “You can’t call me Stanley, you have to call me Agent Wild.”

“Well, Agent Wild, how about you put those sunglasses in your backpack and you can wear them when we go to recess.  Okay?”

“Well, these sunglasses are special secret powerful sunglasses and they shoot POWERFUL lasers that can kill things!!”

“Well, that rules out recess then, doesn’t it? We don't want you hurting anyone.  Now let’s go inside, Agent Wild, cause I’m pretty sure that all super secret agents need to know how to read.”



Brian Miller said...

i want a pair of those glasses.
agent wild.
pity he's taken that name.
i always wanted it.

SkylersDad said...

He sounds very cool, do you get assigned these super agents or does the universe conspire to send them to you?

ChiTown Girl said...

Stop it right now!! Stop making me miss my job!! Stop making me miss those babies!!

Whew....the feeling has passed, thank God!

That was close...


Kara said...

I want to know where Agent Wild found a SkippyJon backpack. I want one!