Step aside, Oprah. I've got the REAL "Favorite Things" list.

I was sitting in the, um, powder room the other day leafing through the new Oprah magazine and was thrilled to see Oprah’s new “Favorite Things” list.  I decided that it was about time that I present MY “favorite things” list for this holiday season.  Grab a pen a paper, cause you’re gonna want to start your holiday shopping.

Vodka’s Favorite Things.

1.  I just LOVE this iPod mini, and use it at the gym, walking, hiking or when in meetings that are boring me to death.  I stole it from Bitchy who won it for selling the most shoes last December at her shoe store. I also stole the headphones from the hidden bottom section of the box her IPhone was packaged in - so basically, they were free. 


2.  I have about five pair of these stylish reading glasses.  They were a dollar (ONE DOLLAR) at the Dollar Store here in town.  While I love free things, I can shell out a buck every now and then.  (And it sure helps to be able to see something when one wants to READ. Although, according to Julia, some people can read words with their eyes CLOSED.) 

3.  I adore these gloves that I wear during recess every single day in the fall and winter.  They were a gift from a teacher I worked with before I was elected to be in the Top Secret Teacher Relocation Program.  So yes, they were free.  (And fabulous.)

4.  I adore this teacup that I use for COFFEE every single morning.  It was made in Russia, but I stumbled upon it in our local Goodwill Store.  THAT is the best and greatest method of Going Green- and if we all shopped there every now and then this recycling thing might really take off. 

5.  I love this exercise ball that I use every morning and evening for crunches. And while they don’t seem to be working quite yet, I won’t give up.  It’s also used as a chair every now and then when I have more people in my living room that I have chairs.  It was given to me when my friend moved to Arizona. (And I want to thank her for the THOUSAND square inch flatscreen TV she also gave me....)     (It was FREE.)

6.  These are mini-toothbrushes that I keep in my car, purse, teacher bag and bedside table.  (Ahem.)   They’re not FREE, but they’re priceless.  (Fresh is best.)


7.  My hair is incredibly fine.  I have a LOT of hair, but it doesn’t hold a curl OR any volume for any amount of time.  I have tried every SINGLE kind of hairspray or hair product, and this is what works best. It’s Aussie Instant Freeze, and I keep a can at school AND at home.  Sure, it’s probably killing my hair, but I don’t care.  I can at least look good for the first hour of the day when I use it.  It’s $3.99 at the local Weis Market, and I always have a $.50 coupon that Weiss doubles.  So, it’s ALMOST free.

8.  I’m loving this Pond’s concealer/make-up that was sent to me FREE from Pond’s.  Frankly, I love it so much that I will actually buy it when my two tubes run out.  It claims to help with old age, and I’m a sucker for anything that will help me with that tiny issue.  (Oh sure, I FEEL thirty, but apparently according to Bitchy, I don't look it.  Bitch.) 

9.  These are my all time favorite earrings that I found in a tiny shop called Resource in Annapolis.  (If you go there please mention me, and tell them I sent you!)  Not only do I have four pair, I bought some for all the teachers on my Primary Team.  The other teachers in the building are jealous, and odds are great that I’ll pick up more next summer for the rest of them!  Generosity feeds your soul. (Do it!)   (Also, if you want a man to stare at you forEVER, wear these.  Trust me.  p.s.) 

10.  These were beautiful flowers that Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome brought me when I made him lasagna last week.  They are making me smile every single day when I walk look at them.  In fact, I’m looking at them RIGHT NOW while I write.  (Sigh.)

11.  I adore this saying from Pooh.  I found this at the Goodwill in Annapolis last summer for $1.50, and firmly believe it’s true.  A grand adventure is bound to happen- every single day.  (A dollar FIFTY!  I practically stole it.)

12.  This is a bridge that Mr. Tall and I crossed during one of our hikes.  And yes, I was scared to cross it. However, I realized that those moments- those ones that freak you out and make you catch your breath- are the ones that accompany the most memorable times.  So when you’re scared…you know you’re on the right path.

13.  I love this dress, and three other SIMILAR ones that I bought at the exclusive “Ross’s” store.  It’s incredibly comfortable, somewhat flattering (I’ve been told) and so easy to wash and wear!  And the best part is, it was only $15.99.  Sweet Lord in heaven, that’s a steal.

14.  Because Mr. Tall has a sweet tooth, I’ve been spending time browsing the half price bakery cart that is always located in the back of the high-end Weis Supermarket to keep some goodies on hand.  I’ve discovered a whole new world of bargains, and have realized that you can freeze some of these baked goods and pull them out in a pinch!  (Who knew?)  I highly recommend the Red Velvet Whoopie pies, which might have been the reason Mr. Tall brought me flowers last week.  

15.  On another of our weekend adventures, Mr. T. took me to a cool Amish Country Supermarket.  The shelves were lined with spices, sweets and all sorts of cooking ingredients!  I was thrilled, and stumbled upon these Chia Seeds. While I know they are very good at growing grass on small ceramic shapes, I’ve also heard something about Chia seeds and weight loss and so I grabbed them!  As soon as I discover how to use them to lose weight, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime if any of you see grass growing out of any of my openings, let me know. 

Now, make your favorite things list, and get out there and find something super scary to do today.  (Just take that first step.....)


Cora said...

I love thrift stores so much that I actually got chills up my spine when I saw your Goodwill picture. That's sad, I know. We have a fabulous thrift store here that sells designer clothes for practically nothing! I got a $126 skirt with tags still attached for $5 which I then sold on ebay for $70. True story! I get tingly every time I set foot in the store because I know there are treasures hiding there just waiting to come home with me. :-)

That store is one of my favorite things. Dove dark chocolate is another. Ebay, my new spinning Christmas tree, Snapfish's penny photo sales, and Progresso's Tomato Florentine soup are on the list too. *le sigh*

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love your list especially all the free things! I need some extra readers....good to know the dollar store stocks them! Have a great week!

Gigi said...

Your list is WAY better than Oprah's!

jual jaket kulit said...

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Unknown said...

What a great reminder that simple things are what bring us joy. Perfect post for this Thanksgiving season. Keep it up kid!

fiftyfinally said...

1.I love those earings. Since I'm always tripping over pieces all over the house I'm going to have to "make" a pair. If only I can figure out how to drill that hole. I'm sure I'll figure it out sometime after xmas.
2. I spotted this cowl http://mayamade.blogspot.ca/2013/11/cashmere-cowl.html
the other day and have been on the look out for some cashmere. I was at an estate sale with many prime choices but they refused to drop the prices. So I will have to check out the thrift stores. I'm determined to make one before spring.

Japolina said...

Wow, you are way more uplifting than Oprah and her "I can't afford any of her favorite things".

I went to that exclusive store called Ross yesterday and bought 3 area rugs, 1 doormat, an apple corer, a throw (company is a-coming!) and a six items of clothing for my giant son for a grand total of $100! I love that place

ChiTown Girl said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post...right up until that last picture! Damn it, you got me AGAIN.

Excuse me, I have to go lie down now, I'm feeling a bit woozy...

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