You have to make yourself stop..and remember what's important.

Because it's the holidays and Bitchy, Sassy and The Golden Boy will be bouncing back and forth, I've been reminding myself to make the best of each and EVERY moment.  It's hard sometimes to slow down and take each day as it comes.

This particular song has always, ALWAYS made me cry.   However, it also reminds me that you HAVE to stop grinding, and cherish the small moments and make THEM important.  And this Christmas, I will try very hard to do just that.... (And please my darlings...listen to the song.  It's worth it....)

Love each moment, my friends.


rmm4361 said...

Perfect reminder to enjoy the moments when they are there. Thank you!

Scope said...

I'm sorry, I got a little, "distracted" by the "League of Angels" ad at the bottom of your page, that I totally missed the Mary Poppins song.

Japolina said...

So sweet and true.

Hope your holidays are great VM.

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Brian Miller said...

ah, i am.
had christmas with my father in law today...and he is ailing a bit...wont be too many more christmases there...and the older i get the faster life seems to be tripping along you know...

merry christmas vm

#1Nana said...

Yep, cherish the moments. They grow up too fast, things change, but we've always got today. I hope your holiday is blessed with family, fun and laughter.