The Reading List. (Some lessons require a whole @*@&#^ book.)

These are the books I've been reading as of late......the first few kick some serious @$$.   The rest are books I apparently need to read over and over and over again. 

(I highly recommend!  However, not if you're angry with anyone in particular.  Don't get any crazy ideas, people.) 

(Teachers- the one above is a must-read! )

Remember Chris Van Allsburg's The Myseries of Harris Burdick? I've been using it as a teaching tool for YEARS!!  Well, he has finally and brilliantly composed a book of what really COULD have happened.  He may be my new boyfriend.  Sorry Steve K.

I'm using this one to lift me up each morning.  It's awesome. 

Remember the advice we give our daughters?  Trying to remind MYSELF that just because someone is beautiful on the outside, it doesn't mean the inside matches.  

Sometimes you don't even KNOW how vulnerable you are...until you allow the wrong person to sit at your table. 

I'm going remember to  follow my OWN advice and Make Good Decisions.   

Okay, Thursday.  Give me ALL you've got!  (I'm ready....) 


Unknown said...

I finally bought Goldfinch :)
Can't wait to dig into it!
I've heard a lot of different opinions on it but the general consensus seems to be that it's a good one........
I hope so - haven't read a good book in ages.
Wally Lamb has a new one out too I think
( wrote " to " and then remembered you're a teacher, so corrected it before you did lol )

Scope said...

I'd love to read a book, but I don't know how to read.

(It has NOTHING to do with my "old eyes" needing reading glasses. Nope. Not one bit.)

And throw out the "kiss a lot of frogs" bit. That will get you warts. If he's not a prince from the start, gig that frog straight in the heart and toss him to the gators.

Unknown said...

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