"Seattle? SEATTLE, WASHINGTON?? You might as well move to China....."

Bitchy is now living the dream, living and working in the amazing town of Seattle, Washington.

I can’t lie. I’ve got to say that when the call came from Scottsdale, Arizona (only weeks after she left HERE to go to move THERE) that they were moving even farther away, my heart dropped to the floor. She and her fella are responsible, hard-working young people at the beginning of what I hope will be a long and exciting journey.  But yikes.  I AM happy for them, and very proud. But that doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t miss them every single day. 

Fortunately, we have this amazing new device called a cell phone.  And Bitchy uses her cell every single day to call her mother.  We chat daily about traffic, her job at Anthropology, her sweet fella, her search for a job in Nutrition, her new friends, her sister, her adventures with their dog and our plans to get together this summer. 

It was on a recent call that I was reminded about how very far a baby bird can fly. 

“I am SO pissed!” she said, after getting into her car after her shift at the mall.  “Those things I thought were warnings from Mall Security were really TICKETS! They said WARNING on top of them!  And each one is fifty bucks!  I parked where employees are SUPPOSED to park!  Arghhhhhhhhh!”

“Well,” I said, “Did you go to the security office? Did you…”

“Mom..” she tried to interject. 

“Did you explain to them..” 

“Mom, mom, MOM, MOM!  STOP!” she yelled into the phone. 

I was surprised by how she was cutting me off. 

“Mom, I do NOT need you to tell me what to do. I know you want to try to fix this. But...  I got this.  I was just calling to bitch about it.” 

“Oh.   Well.    I guess you really don’t need my advice.   Okay.  Hmmmm.   That’s a pretty great thing.”  

It IS a great feeling to know that sometimes, sometimes, your knowledge, your resourcefulness and your common sense finds its way into the hearts and minds of your children.  (As long as they don't inherit all the crappy stuff, I’ll be happy.)


Scope said...

- Sea-Tac is a pretty easy airport to deal with.

- Tell her to check out the gum wall and the troll.

- Cora & I are out there twice a year. We spied on Conan in a mall 2 Christmases ago (I know I posted about it, just forgot how to link). If you need our skills...

- She still needs you. Just,,, differently.

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