You're never really alone, are you?

I sat at my desk today exhausted.  I knew I had one more task to do before I went home for the day, and walked to the front of the room.  I stepped on top of the stool and began attaching all of the children's pictures to the whiteboard.

Each year I take pictures of my new class on the first day of school.  Then, I put them onto name strips and attach them in alphabetical order across the whiteboard. I love to see their names and faces on the board everyday, and I also love the fact that anyone who comes into the room can glance up above the board and know each child's name. The children love it because they love to see pictures of themselves! They also use them to spell their friends' names, to figure out who's absent, or to help them when we are playing "guess who" games.

I was thinking about each kiddo as I hung the photos. I thought of how many pictures I've hung on my chalkboard over the years and how very many children have found their way into my heart.

I worked steadily while Pandora played on my computer in the background.  I had it set to a classic country station so that I could have a little background noise while I worked.  I was startled when I heard the familiar sounds of a guitar, and then Ray Charles' voice. I turned and sat down as he began to sing.

It was the song - THE song that mother and I had both loved. We talked about it not long before she died suddenly, thirty-odd years ago.  It's called Seven Spanish Angels, and it's an incredibly beautiful song.  

I sat in my rocking chair at the front of the room, and simply listened.  And then, in that quiet moment, I felt my mother's memory wrap me in a beautiful and loving embrace.

I love it when she surprises me at school....


Sheila said...

My mom died in 1986. She LOVED Dire Straits "Walk of Life" which was released while she was sick. I always feel like she is near when it just shows up in a store or restaurant.

Vodka Mom said...

Sheila- I LOVE that song! That's amazing. And yes, they find a way to be close to us- don't they?

Carrie Koch said...

love this.
I'm so glad your mama was with you. I enjoyed listening to your song too.

Gigi said...

I haven't heard that song in years! I'm glad you felt your mother with you.

Cathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Unknown said...

I have been missing Vodka. Glad she is still around!

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