The medium....wasn't medium at all. (She was tops...)

I was very excited and slightly nervous when I made my visit to the medium.  I wasn’t really looking for answers to any questions, or asking for guidance or anything.  I just, really, miss my parents.  I wanted some kind of comforting words or gestures and perhaps an acknowledgement of some kind that there is something more.  Basically I already feel in my heart that there is, but I was fascinated by the possibilities this visit could offer.

First, I want to back up just a bit.  Many of you might know this but it bears repeating.  I’ve often said to so many of my friends that my siblings and I had a wonderful childhood.  In fact, my words have probably gone something like this, “I had wonderful parents, and a great brother and sister.  We lived a wonderful, idyllic childhood.  It was almost magical, and we had such a great, great life when we were young.  It was the whole part after childhood that seemed to really suck.” 

Of course I meant the losing our parents part, and the difficult struggle with adulthood and the poor choices that went along with that. You know, all the #*$& ups that happen along the way. I know now that for me, the choices I made and that the path I walked was one I was supposed to experience.  It was my journey, my path to enlightenment, and I am grateful.  However, I sure did a great job of providing myself with many, many, many life lessons. We learn best by our mistakes, right?  Well, I was a hell of a learner, that’s for sure.

But I digress.

My mother’s spirit claimed so much of the time during the reading, and for that I was extremely grateful.  I’ve missed her so very much, and my heart needed the boost she gave it.  I’ll return to her visit later, but want to share what my father had to say, because that was a moment that will stay with me forever. 

The medium chuckled for a moment as my father’s spirit was given a chance to speak.  (Apparently my mother had ‘dibs’ on the first part of the conversation.) 

“Your father is quite a patient man, isn’t he?” the medium said with a smile.   I agreed with a chuckle, and held my breath.

“Well, he is tipping his hat to you, and saying that it’s good to see you my Little Debbie.”  I smiled, remembering that he called me that.   Then, she spent some time sharing many cool things that I won’t get into right now.  It’s long, and I’m afraid I’d bore you all to death.  I’ll share stories in snippets, so I can savor them one bite at a time. It was this bit of information that made me shake my head in wonder.

“Hmmm, wow, this is so interesting.  Your father is saying … that we had a near perfect life together, all of us.  He says of course, nobody’s perfect. But he says I think we had a pretty special family. And he says when I’m looking down on earth and seeing everything that’s going on, and all the family dynamics, I’m pretty proud of our family and what we accomplished together.” 
Then the medium went on.  “Wow.  I am so  amazed at that.  I mean, doing what I do, there are many visit from father figures.  But, most fathers come in and say I’m sorry.  I really haven’t heard that before!  Wow.”

 That moment, that moment when I heard many of the words that I have spoken so often come back to me, was the moment that knew my father had reached across time and space, and given me the hug that I’ve been waiting over 30 years for.

Thanks, Dad.  You always were, and still are, the man.  


MartyGirl said...

I love this... So glad you got this nugget to hold on to.
Very, very cool. <3

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My dad hasn't been gone that long, but I would give anything to be in his presence again. It would be like save to an open wound. Being in my mother's presence would be troublesome. I would be afraid to try what you did, lest she show up!! Sad, isn't it.

Carrie Koch said...

I love hearing about your medium (tops) experience.
And I love how much you love your daddy.

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