Why do I have to be so much fun to mess with?

Well, there have been some very interesting developments in this last year of teaching here in Smythe, Oregon.  

I was SURE that I would enjoy and love every SINGLE day of this, my official last year of teaching.  I was sure that I would sing, dance, laugh, paint, dance and glitterize everything single thing in sight, until I twirled out of classroom in June.   I was sure I would handle all that the year had to offer, enjoying each day like a fine chocolate. 

And then God laughed. 

I realize that I have been blessed beyond measure in many ways.  I have an amazing partner who loves every bit of me- even the cracks and flaws.  He has shown me a part of the world I never knew existed, but more importantly shown me what true love really means. 

I am also blessed to have three kids who love me MOST of the time.  They don’t all love me ALL of the time- or at the SAME TIME, but in the end, they are amazing souls who are still finding their way.   They deserve a few bumps in the road.  It’s what helps us grow every single day. 

So, I admit, life is grand.   But I’m afraid I might have said that a BIT TOO LOUD.  Cause this last class?  This class that is destined to be my last? 

They are turning out to be the class that might just kick my ass ALL THE WAY TO JUNE. 

I’m pretty sure The Powers that Be had a meeting. This is how it went. 

“Hey, I see vodkamom has a pretty great life right now! She is so very happy. ” 

“Yes, she does.  Well, she certainly deserves it.  We have given her many lessons to learn in this life! It could have been that she was a slow learner, but she did learn them with a smile.  Most of the time.” 

“That's true.  But honestly, she is SO much fun to mess with.  Isn’t she? Even when we throw &$^# at her, she manages to come up smelling like roses.” 

“You know, you’re right. She's fun to watch in action! And frankly, aren’t we a little bored?  Let’s shake her up a bit.” 

“I KNOW!  Let’s throw in ALL OF THE CHALLENGES anyone can have in ONE classroom, and give her the send-off she truly deserves!!!!”

“BRILLIANT!!!  Let’s DO IT!” 


Sigh.   I was SO hoping to fly under the radar.  Now, someone pass me my blood pressure medicine (or a LARGE BOTTLE OF VODKA) cause this is going to one hell of a ride. 


Gigi said...

LOL...well surely you KNEW this year wouldn't be a walk in the park? In order to go out, you need to go out with a BANG. Which, of course, will make you really appreciate retirement.

Anonymous said...

You don't even have the "things are bound to be better next year" mantra to fall back on. Sounds like lots of time in the sun, liquid refreshment and your ability to find humor in unexpected moments will all be necessary. Is the cricket kid another Frank? I hope someone throws you one hell of a retirement party.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I bet you will teach them a thing or two:)

ND Sue said...

I retired last year after a 36 year career in education. I swear they tested every minute of every single day. But I made it! And you know what? Now everyday is FRIDAY!

BTW - I used to share your blog with all new primary teachers. It's good to know your problems are shared by others!

ChiTown Girl said...

Wait.....this is your last year?!?!

I really HAVE missed a lot!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!