Life is Grand, indeed.

Many people are lucky enough to discover things that they are passionate about.  For some it’s painting, knitting, sewing or cooking. For others it might be some form of activity such as bicycling, basketball, skateboarding, skiing or jogging. (Although why in God’s name anyone would be passionate about jogging is beyond me.)

Like so many others, I have always loved the water.  I loved it growing up, and have always been drawn to it my adult life.  I feel a sense of peace and tranquility when I’m near it. I don’t care if it’s salt water, fresh water or a mountain stream.  Over the years I would take every opportunity to visit my sister in Mystic, Connecticut, or Kittery, Maine, and we would spend every moment together at a beach.  My children accompanied me as they were growing up, and aside from Golden Boy (“I hate the sand in my swimsuit!!”) they loved it, as well. In addition to loving the water, I am passionate about snorkeling. I absolutely love it- and have become somewhat of a fanatic.

When I first thought I would start dating I said to a friend of mine, “Well, I’m not sure who I’m going to meet, but it sure would be nice if they had a boat.”  Of course I was thinking of going to a lake, or some place in the middle of Pennsylvania that might satisfy that need I have to be close to the water.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I that my soulmate would actually have a home on a Caribbean Island.  In fact, about 9 months after dating he brought me here- and I was stunned. I had never seen such beautiful water, such amazing beaches and such breathtaking plants and wildlife.  I said to Fred, “You know, you could have led with this trip and locked me in on Day 1!”. He laughed and laughed, remembering - I’m sure - that he told me about the place long before we even started dating.  

We are here now enjoying a couple more days in the sun before we head back to the cold temperatures of the Northeast.  I do love the balance of being able to enjoy all kinds of weather, but being down here just feeds my soul.

I have been lucky enough to meet some ladies who live here and who also love to snorkel.  There are several boats between them, and they’ve rung me up each morning to see if I want to join them for snorkels on the reef.  The island of Grand Cayman is surrounded by a natural reef that is an amazing snorkeling destination for many tourists and locals alike.  

We go to various spots on the reef, don our gear and go out for a snorkel.  We swim back to the boat, enjoy a nice lunch and head out for a second snorkel.  I have to say that these experiences have added such joy and peace to my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for these opportunities.  

I want to share some wonderful photos that I recently captured with my SECOND underwater camera. You may remember the camera debacle from last Christmas, right? Well, Fred sent it back and had to buy another one. Apparently they don’t cover idiotic mishaps when one doesn’t properly close the battery compartment to the camera before snorkeling. Who knew?

I hope you enjoy some of what I’ve been seeing here in the Grand Island of Cayman.  

Now get out there and find something you're passionate about! 


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ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, stranger!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, you have no idea how happy this post has made me!!! I’m glad to see you’re doing well. It’s been way too long since I’ve caught up on your life. I may just have to read back here and see what you’ve been up to.