It's a beautiful time for a wedding. (aka Bitchy'sBetrothed)

My mother’s name was AnnaBelle.  

She never met my children, at least not here in this life. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She laughed at the drop of a hat- and brought joy and light to all of those around her.  She died when I was a mere child of 26. My father died 7 years earlier, and I was foolishly convinced that God would never be cruel enough to claim my last parent.

I was wrong.

After a fall in the kitchen, she left her 3 semi-grown children questioning the cruel winds that blew through their lives.

Now at 60, I am preparing for my daughter’s wedding. I am living with an amazing man on his gorgeous property that will serve beautifully as their wedding venue. It is a large stone house that has several beautiful patios and porches, and large trees and many gardens.

On one side of the property is a wall that consists of humongous boulders. There is ample space at the foot of the boulders for gardens, and I have tried over these last few years to find something that would grow in that particular spot. It holds a lot of water and get a whole lot of sun.  

I’d been thinking of hydrangeas for that spot for a while now, and when the wedding idea came up I had a brainstorm.  I called a gardener friend of mine last fall and he met me at the house. We walked the property and I shared my ideas with him. He smiled, and then this spring he went to work.

I took my coffee outside this morning, and walked around the house to see the hydrangeas. They are all looking marvelous. The white ones, especially, are growing tall and getting ready to bloom. The name of the hydrangeas? Annabelles.

The white hydrangaes that line the wall of boulders, the place where the bride and groom will have their first look, are called AnnaBelles.  

Now my mother will definitely be at the wedding. And she will be there in all of her beautiful glory.


Lorraine said...

The planting looks wonderful. It was meant to be. Much love and happiness to the couple - can't believe time has flown so fast.

Gigi said...

Bitchy's getting married?! Congrats to the happy couple! And the venue is gorgeous! And the name of the hydrangeas? That's a happy synchronicity.

Vodka Mom said...

Can you believe she's getting MARRIED???? It was just yesterday that she was SO bitchy!!

jwg said...

So glad to hear from you! The hydrangeas are beautiful and I am sure the wedding will be just as wonderful.

♥ Braja said...

Firstly I can't believe you're still blogging :))) This is a beautiful story, Debbie...love it...how appropriate the Annabelles will be there. I'm so happy for you, when I read of your life...no one deserves it more...love you to bits and pieces...have a monstrously wonderful time xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. JOYful. I love this!! It's Just exactly the way LIFE IS!!! <3

Unknown said...

So beautiful. I'm very happy that your mother will be there as your daughter gets married.

Steph said...

Annabelle is a beautiful name for your beautiful mother. She will be watching over you all. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family.