A Holiday Miracle, thanks fo Scott!

 I spend a lot of time around the holidays reminiscing about family holidays long since passed. It’s bittersweet, however,  as the memories are wonderful but the feelings of family long gone are a bit sad. 

This year my daughter spent six weeks with us, quarantining first and then working from home in our extra suite. Because she was here with us and not in her own home, she had extra time on her hands. This was a blessing for me because she was able to help me organize all of my treasures that have been packed in our basement. I moved into this home with the love of my life five years ago, and all of my furniture and worldly goods have been sitting, neatly packed, in a far corner of a 1,000 foot basement. While this may sound fine, I should add that my incredible partner is a collector. I don’t just mean a casual collector, I mean he has been collecting radios, clocks, jukeboxes, antique furniture and anything else you can imagine for over 70 years. He’s a professional! 

But I digress. 

While Bitchy was here, she helped me dig through my treasure to find pieces of furniture that are very important to me. My darling partner helped to find room in our living space for these pieces, and we spent hours rearranging furniture and cleaning up these remnants of a past life. 

I was thrilled when I was asked to partner with Scott’s Liquid Gold furniture products a few weeks ago, and didn’t realize how important that partnership would become! Bitchy and I used the products to clean up tables, cabinets and a couple of jukeboxes. It worked like I KNEW it would, and the furniture is glowing.  

In fact, not only did I bring up pieces that I have placed around the house, I was also able to shine up some other pieces of furniture that I quickly sold on-line. They looked so nice that it didn’t take long for people to snatch them up! 

Now as I walk through our home, I smile as I look upon these treasures that are so important to me, and I am thrilled that I have been able to bring them back to life! 

Now, I’m off to find something else in the basement! I know they’ll look almost brand new once I’m done with them.  


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