Worth your time...

I know, I know, I know. We are all busy - and I am no exception. What, with trying to deal with this STALKING issue, finding winners for these contests, parent/teacher conferences, someone actually has to do the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc., there are hardly moments in the day to read blogs.

HOWEVER, I can't stop myself. So, for your reading pleasure, please check out these places. You WON'T regret it. (Consider it a little field trip....)

For a fantastic read about balloon boy, visit this brilliant fella Hutch.

If you are looking for writing pointers and incredible advice about writing, go here. (Read the 10 ways to being a better writer- FANTASTIC!)

And, Kevin never, never disappoints. Same with Brian, and this amazing woman.

And, if you are a writer of children's books, YA, you have to follow this blog. You should seriously consider going to the NY conference. I had an amazing encounter there, which I might just talk about this weekend!

And, thanks so much for the support and advice for Sassy and the stalking issue. We are doing all we can to keep her safe and secure. Our eyes and ears are always open and a little prayer from you all surely helps!

Now, go visit those people!

I'm closing comments, so no excuses. So says the teacher.

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