Wait, didn't she drop off the face of the earth???

Oh Braja, I knew you were still with us. A near death car accident would not keep you down.

The Chant for Bloggers of the Universe

Dear Vodka Mom,

A whole 3 DAYS???!! Three godforsaken days of a thousand bloggers moaning out loud, "Oh, crap, another bloody guest blogger on Vodka's site...click...next blog..." I can't deal with all the negative vibes! I needed to meditate...to run to the cowshed, where the smell of the hay and the slippery wet licks of the cows are like balm for my aching soul. As I sat myself in the corner, fending off the nuzzles of the tiny calves, peace began to descend. I was transported to another realm...it was a blissful abode of light and laughter, happiness and joy...was I dreaming??

And then, as an eerie silence descended on the cowshed, a lone voice reached my ears....


The deep resonance of the chant was all-attractive...


Realization dawned in my heart: the chant for blogger universe had descended from another realm. The cows were imparting blogger-realization...

"Vodkam Ommmmm.....Vodkam Ommmmm....Vodkam Ommmmm...."

And all was at peace in the world.



ps: Hurry back or I'll boil your bunnies...


unmitigated me said...

Wow. Who knew a guru would be willing to boil bunnies?

Word Ver: prize

I swear!

a Broad said...

There is something very appealing to me about "fending off the nuzzles of tiny calves" ...
Besos, C

Fragrant Liar said...

So instead of MOO, the cows were chanting VODKA? I think their status as sacred beasts has gone to their spotted heads. I'd cut 'em off before the monkeys got wind of it!

RottenMom said...

Slippery wet cow licks and the threat of boiled bunnies. My kind of post!

middleagedcrazywoman said...

Boil your bunnies!!

Tee hee hee!! I love that!


CSY said...

Hey Braja - do the cows have any OTHER wisdom to impart? Or were they saying we all needed to raise a glass to Vodka, cuz if that's the case...I'm already there! Wonderful Post!

Word: pudia...This chocolate pudia tastes funny

That Janie Girl said...

I need some freaking COW wisdom!!!

Love ya Braja, I've missed you!

And Vodka? You're still a HEIFER! Love you!

Linda said...

I'm worried. Nothing in the subject line. What's up?
Lurking Linda

Pastor Sharon said...

Aha! There's that Blogging Yoggini! So, where has the Dusty Spiritual Indian Princess been? Boiling bunnies?

Yeah, I don't think so! She's too kind for that! For goodness sakes! She let's cows lick her! And she is in love with baby calves!

I do like the blogging mantra! It reminds me of the Most Humoring, Life-is-real, Teacher of the year, Best Mom in the world, friend in bloggy land, that we all know as VODKA MOM!

♥ Braja said...

I'm actually only commenting here so that it makes the total comments 10, and not 9, cos then Marinka can't say she MORE than doubled my comments, y'know? I know her: I just KNOW her...

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