This, that (contest winners) and another thing.

I am fascinated by the useless information gadget that used to be located at the bottom of my blog and I can’t for the life of me figure out where it went.

So, while I’m off trying to locate it, I wanted to entertain you with the top TEN Useless Facts that I find interesting, and the contest winners of the necklace and book!

The top ten:

10. Charlie Brown's father was a barber.

9. The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.

8. A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

7. If you feed a seagull Alka-Seltzer, its stomach will explode.

6. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. (Yikes. Don’t tell Frank that one.)

5. Octopi have gardens.

4. A snail can sleep for three years.

3. Dudley DoRight's horse's name was Horse.

2. A rat can fall from a five-story building without injury.

1. Your fingernail has the same ingredients as fly poop.

Oh, and the winner of the necklace is Mimi; and the second winner of my friend Sara’s NEW BOOK is Melissa E!! (We can thank Munchie, who I had to lure to the keyboard with pieces of chicken liver.)

I have one other copy of the book I will give away to the person who can find a gazillionaire to send me a gazillion dollars so that I can fix my life a bit more QUICKLY. OR the first person who tells me they want the book. (It’s a great book. I highly recommend.)


Lili said...

Me me me! *Raises hand*

I'll work on the gazillionaire thing for you :)

LivewithFlair said...

Oh, Lili beat me to it!! I wanted to tell you that I love that octopi have gardens. For some reason that really meant something to me!

Macey said...

I'm so excited I won the necklace! I've always wanted one like it so I feel so lucky!!
Also. Charlie Brown's dad was a barber??? For some reason that is the most shocking to me. LOL

Unknown said...

I had no idea about Charlie Browns father. I can't believe that someone actually fed a goldfish alka seltzer.


Gigi said...

Thanks so much for the fingernail info....I will certainly be passing that on to Man-Child who has recently taken up the disgusting habit of biting his nails.....

Cheeseboy said...

I think more men cheat than women because we are pigs. And I need more aglets. Lots and lots of aglets.

Sharon Rose said...

I think it is a sad thing that people cheat on the person they promise to cherish forever.

Cora said...

How the heck did someone figure out finger nails are the equivalent of fly poo?!?! Do we really have scientists dedicated to studying this?!?! REALLY????

As for cheaters, they suck. And they also get EXACTLY what they deserve in the end. Trust me on this.

My ex-husband was a cheater. And now he is a penniless nothing with an awful lot of ugly things to attempt to justify to a resentful, disgusted teenage daughter (mine) who has finally figured out his past crimes. No matter which way you slice it, the cheater ALWAYS loses.

MJ's doghouse said...

the beatles sang about the octopis garden in the shade...didnt they..also...how come we can only vote for you once on blabber...so not fair...anyhow i tried

Shelly said...

Ooo.. I would love to get a copy of that book, but I guess I'm too late. It's on my goodreads shelf to pick up one of these days. I just recently found your blog and it makes me laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time. I hope things turn around soon.

Brian Miller said...

dang someone beat me to it and i even had a gazillionaire...oh well...going to go get some peanuts now...

SkylersDad said...

So that is where they got the word twit from... Doesn't seem to fit.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just wish that you'd been the person to invent aglets?!! Soooo bloody simple but that guy must have made a fortune!

Unknown said...

Congrats to the winners!

I'm blown away by some of these useless facts and grossed out at the same time!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

When that gazillionare shows up, remember who loves you (that would be me) and share :)

Christy said...

3 years?! I would take 3 uninterrupted hours!!!

Deborah said...

Oh I loved these! LOL :O)

Scope said...

Snails may be able to sleep for 3 years, but not if they are in Cora's frog tank. If they aren't pulling their weight (like the one who went from being named "Goldie" to being named "Moldie"), they are GONE!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Well dang my hide! fly poop... whudathunkit?

Michele said...

#4 explains my son's teenage years.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats to the winners. They are lucky girls.

As for the sleeping snails-- Maybe that's want I want to come back as in my next life. A three year nap sounds very appealing.

xo jj

Casey Freeland said...

These are hilarious!  Thanks for the smile.

FYI, #7 is not true. Might give them a tummy ache, but that's it. (By the way, rice is not bad for birds either.)

And #1 is totally false, unless you are talking about the molecules that make up everything, such as carbon, nitrogen, etc. By that logic you could say a chair has the same ingredients as my eyeball.

And the whole cheating thing? How could anybody know that? Maybe women are just more likely to lie if they are asked if they cheat on their mate? Guys do like to brag, right? And 50% seems high to me.

But I know for a fact that the Charlie Brown dad occupation is the real deal and peanuts can produce an ingredient that is used to make nitroglycerin, which is used in dynamite.  

Great list though. Good luck on your gadget search!



Notes From ABroad said...

If I ever considered biting my fingernails, I will forget about it.
I would be an excellent snail.
I can tell you a few more things that are called a twit ..
Love you, hope your gazillionaire shows up soon.

That Janie Girl said...

You are too funny! miss you, girl. And someday I'll win.

Mare said...

Cartoons totally teach you things: My daughter learned the aglet thing from Phineaus & Ferb once and now tells everyone.

Linda said...

I put that book on hold at the library as soon as you talked about it. They didn't even have it in yet! When they did, I got it first up! It was terrific. I really, really enjoyed it. Hope she writes another one soon!
Lurking Linda
p.s., hey I got beave for my wv--I don't feel like Mrs. Cleaver!

Anne said...

oh my god, you're a riot! Just became your newest follower, I love a good guffaw... and vodka too!

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