Okay, where's the camera? (Isn't that Allen Ludden? or Allen Funt? Or Betty White? Wait,what were we talking about?)

Six days until Christmas.    SIX DAYS.   And what do I find in my driveway all wrapped in a beautiful ribbon?

A dead car.

Now come on, Big Guy.  I know  you love messin' with me, but can't you PLEASE focus on someone else for a while?  I'm not sure that even I can find the funny in this one.


Sara J. Henry said...

Oh, yikes. Hope it's something minor.

(Do you mean Alan Funt? Unless you're playing Password ...)

Vodka Mom said...

Yeah, and the word is SUCKS.

Gigi said...

Oh VM! It always seems to hit the fan at the most inconvenient times, doesn't it? Here's hoping it's a quick and cheap fix.

Brian Miller said...

keep the faith VM...day before thanksgiving i dropped the engine in mine...and the next week someone gave me a used car...sure it is a purple solara with 200K miles on it, but i love it...

Sue said...

Life can really push us to the limits at times. Believe me I know! And it always seems when we are super overloaded it happens. I wish I had some creative, uplifing words right now. But you know, some times there are just days that life can suck! Sorry you had to experience that.

Take care, Sue

slow panic said...

Hope it's something cheap and easy. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

Jenny Hart Boren said...

Well, I bet it's not dead, just unconscious. This is an important distinction! When my daughter was alone and getting ready to drive two hours to pick me up at the airport, the car "died" at Starbucks. Fortunately a bunch of good old cowboys with trucks full o' tools put down their cups, swarmed over and discovered that a little critical doodad had been knocked loose--stuck it back in and away she went! Let's hope it's something a friendly cowboy can fix!

Scope said...

Hopefully just a dead battery.

You didn't ask that neighbor guy to "jump you", did you? :-)

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