Why do I ask the question when I always know the answer????

Today during morning meeting I passed out number cards for the greeting.  I might say words that rhyme with that number, or equations that equal that number and then the two people who have matching numbers pop up and greet each other in the center of the circle.

I was at the end of passing out the cards, and handed Jack the only one left- the zero. 

He looked at the card.  “Dammit,” he said instantly.

I turned and said, “What did you say?”

Alenka, who was sitting beside him, said quickly, “He say DAMMIT!”

Great, I thought.  The child from Poland now knows the words hyman AND dammit.

I can stop teaching right now, cause my work is done.


Anonymous said...

oh you crack me up! Today I subbed in preschool where the word fart was very funny to everyone!*

*everyone except me

p.s. why doesn't the word verification work with wordpress?

Just Two Chicks said...

Ha! When I taught 2nd grade ESL, those kids were way smarter than I was... when it came to street smarts. They taught me what "rims" were and what a "grill" was. I'm not talking the kind you cook on. I also had them teaching me Spanish. They would be in 8th grade now!!! Wow...

I love the circle time idea... if I was teaching again, I would for sure use it!

Gigi said...

Wow. Yup, I would say that their vocabulary is complete now! (HOW do you keep a straight face during these times!?)

Brian Miller said...

will those both be on the spelling test this week?>

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian, a second smile of the day. Of course, for good education's sake, the correct spelling will be used, (smiling).
To those who celebrate - Happy V.D.
faithful follower

Becca said...

Maybe the number he got ryhmes with "Dammit"

Did a great job teaching them LOL

DawnA said...

You always have to learn the bad/curse words first.

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