Some of the best gifts are those that can't be wrapped.

I have a great friend named Elise.  We've known each other for more than a few years now, as she was one of my first bloggy friends.

She's a kind, gentle and wonderful soul - with a great sense of humor.  We spent a crazy, wonderful night in New York City with Marinka, and some other friends, gorging ourselves on Mexican food; made our way to an incredible (gay) night club where we witnessed a marriage proposal on a loud and noisy dance floor; and our night culminated in a crazy cab ride back to Grand Central station in which ONE of us was feeling such horrible effects from the Mexican food that she was SURE the cabbie would be charging for more than just the fare.

I laughed so hard that night that my jaws were sore for weeks; and that's the kind of fun that no money can buy.

We've been each other since, and spent many hours chatting on-line and on the phone.  It's an easy, comfortable and effortless friendship that I cherish.

She also has another gift- and you know how I feel about those kinds of gifts. 

After hearing about my special award in the "teacher re-location" program, she took it upon herself to give me a reading.

My heart filled with joy after watching it - and you can see it here (if you give a *&%@$.)

Do yourself a favor and go see her.  She's an angel, herself.