I can always dig myself into a hole- even without a shovel.

He came to see me not long after hearing the news.  

The first time I was out of the building; but he made the time to come the next day to discuss my involuntary participation in the teacher relocation program.  (And yes, I was still wearing the sunglasses at 1:30 pm inside a dark and empty classroom.) 

He was kind.  

He was thoughtful.  

He was confused, inquisitive, and very comforting.  

He also had the great manners to hand me a tissue and remind me that my tears were not something to be ashamed of because this life-changing event of mine was, indeed, a very big deal.

In the end I told him that I was treating this as a great gift, gave him a hug and smiled as he left my classroom.

Imagine my surprise when he called me at home on my cell phone in the middle of one of my phenomenal massage treatments the other day. 

“This is Mr. Super, and I am leaving you my cell number. Please call me today. If you don’t, I’ll call you back.”

I immediately called.

He was checking to see how I was, and to discuss how he felt about all that had happened.  He wanted me know about the future, and how he supported me finding my way back to kindergarten.   We had a long conversation, and in the end I thanked him for all that he had done, and for his great support and friendship. I reminded him that if I tell my own children that each change is life is a gift- then I have to walk the walk. And that is precisely what I am doing.

And then I did what I always do -  I butt- called him not once, not twice, but at least THREE times that day.  

I’m sure he’s incredibly happy that he gave me his cell number.



ChiTown Girl said...

I like to say "Only you" again, but I do this several times a day :( Thankfully, not to my boss, though. Oh, wait, I don't have a boss anymore!! =)

Diane J. said...

Geez, way to get his hopes up! Heeheehee. Sorry.

I've purse dialed my sister a few times...once while cursing a guy out who raced up behind me and braked hard. Mind you, I had just been re-ended a few days prior, so it was a just cursing, but my sister heard it...eep!

Japolina said...

I always butt dial the wrong people. A million years ago, when cell phones were a novelty I was in Las Vegas with my favorite fabulous aunt. It was late and we were drunk and hysterically giggling. Her phone kept calling her parents in Miami (My grandparents). They did not have caller id and could only hear us laughing but thought it was a prank call.

I should invent some type of app so prevent butt dialing. I would be a gazillioner!

Lynn said...

I actually like to get butt calls!
They can be interesting!

Linda M. said...

I have to admit I read this really, really fast, hoping that it would turn out okay. (Whew!!) The butt-dialing made my day!!
(Think you could get him to change our horrible new math "resource"??)
: )

Brian Miller said...

hehe...obviously your head did not give your butt he message...smiles...

Sue said...

Thank you once again for not making me feel like I am the ONLY one with issues! You are the best.


Notes From ABroad said...

I had to read the comments before I understood what a butt call was.
I am just way too far from Things..