It's the little things that brighten my world. (aka the mailman cometh.)

I am SO EXCITED!  When I got home from school last Friday, I found THIS envelope of books in my mailbox from an amazing friend!! (That Amazon wish list worked!)

Then, the next day, I found an envelope in my mail full of these box tops for my class from another friend!

And then, an amazing co-worker from the building read my blog and brought me THESE books from her home.  Her kids are getting older, and she donated them to my classroom!

And while things might not be going smoothly at home and on a personal level, I am incredibly, incredibly thankful for my amazing job- and for the amazing people who continue to wrap me in love.  (And books.  And BOXTOPS!!) 

My room is coming together...even if the other part of my life isn't. 

(Now, if one of you could send me million bucks, then life would be about perfect. )


Japolina said...

Your room looks great. Have a great day.

Marissa said...

I was going to send you one of those trillion dollar coins, but since you only want a million dollars I'll have to wait til I get change. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to break that thing!

Vodka Mom said...

Don't I know it, Marissa. Don't I know it.


Ingrid said...

But the real question is, what's up with you and Mr. Darcy??

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your room is fantastic and so many books! That's awesome.

As for the million bucks-- If you get that email would you forward it to me too please.

xo jj

Sue said...

You rock! You always have, you always will ;0)

ChiTown Girl said...

I hope whatever it is that's going on resolves itself sooner rather than later. And, I'm praying it doesn't involve Mr. Darcy... :(

Gigi said...

Sorry that the personal stuff isn't going so well, fingers crossed that it will resolve and your world will be right again soon.

As for the million bucks? Well, I'm sorry to say I don't have a spare mil lying around that I can send. But boxtops? That I can do. Send me your new address and I'll start hoarding them for you.

TerraD said...

If all of your readers keep sending in Boxtops, you might just win the teacher prize and a $25 gift certificate. It's not a million dollars, but every little bit helps, right?!

Unknown said...

It all looks awesome!!

That Janie Girl said...

Your room looks awesome!

I love girly. good thoughts from Texas!

Anonymous said...


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