"Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys...."(Emma Bull) and ain't it the truth.

I’ve been very busy these days dodging the obstacles that life continues to throw my way.  I’ve decided that this particularly challenging existence is just the way it’s gonna be.

I’m reminding myself of a phone conversation I had with Sassy last month, trying to help HER through yet another crisis.  It was after school, and I was sitting with my intern, Ms. Fabulous, wrapping up our weekly planning session when she called, crying hysterically.

“Honey,” I said, “Life will always throw you curve balls.  That's what life does.  How you deal with them will dictate how you live your life.  Are going to take it in stride and use it to learn?  Are you going to allow it to make you miserable, or will you smile and be happy with whatever happens?  I hope you choose happy.  I really, really do.”

I hung up and smiled at Ms. Fabulous, apologizing for the interruption.  She looked at me thoughtfully and said, “Well, Vodka, I know you’ve been stressed lately. Crazy things have been happening.  I’m just wondering, are you going to take your OWN advice?”

I looked at her, speechless.   Damn, she was right.   She was TOTALLY, totally right. 

And so now I’m trying very hard to walk the walk and meet some of these obstacles head on.  The biggest obstacle, last week, was finding a place to live.

I’ve been in this particular townhouse for a year and half.  It’s three blocks from work, a quick walk downtown and a lovely harbor in a quiet neighborhood.  However, the landlord has decided that this particular townhouse can be rented out for a quite a bit more than I am currently paying, and when the lease expires in July he wants something with a bigger wallet to reside here.  I decided that it wasn’t going to be me.

I’ve known for over a month that this was happening and have kept my eyes and ears open for somewhere else to live.  I hadn’t found anything, and was just preparing to email everyone and their brother who MIGHT have a rental or a connection to realtors in the area.

And then, last Wednesday, I received an email.

“Dear friends…..our family is heading to Italy for a year on a sabbatical through the university. We will be leaving in August and are hoping to find someone to rent our house for the year.  Please let us know if you know of anyone who is looking for a place to live!”


 I screamed at the computer, and furiously typed my response,  “YES YES YES!  I am looking to renting for the next year until my situation resolves itself, and would LOVE to rent your place!  However, I can only afford $$$ each month.  You can either have me rent your house, or take me to Italy.  It’s your call.” 

He replied that they would love to chat with me, and invited me to their home Friday evening for happy hour and to discuss the possibility of renting their home.

I smiled, thinking about this crazy coincidence.  I was lucky enough to know the family, having taught theirson and daughter in kindergarten just a few years earlier.  In fact, the stories surrounding both of them have always been ones I’ve told over and over.

I left school late that day and made my way to a baseball game.  I had three boys in my class on the same team, and was determined to surprise them and watch them play. 

I was standing by the sidelines talking to some of the parents when I looked up.  There was Mr. SavesTheDay watching his son who was on the opposing team!  He saw me and waved, walking towards me with a smile.

I excused myself from the parents, and walked quickly to meet him behind home plate. 

“What an amazing coincidence!” he said, to which I laughed agreed wholeheartedly.  “I only added you to the email at the last minute, as an afterthought," he added, "I MAYBE you might know someone who needed a place to live!”

I smiled, “Who knew that person would be me?”

To help this (surprisingly) long story finally come to an end, let me say this: the house situation has been resolved. I am moving into their large, four-bedroom lovely home across town in August. I might have to take an extended vacation for three weeks (anyone have a room for me?), rent out the mother-in-law apartment in the basement and put all my stuff in storage, but those are minor inconveniences.  And yes, I’m dealing with all of it with a huge, thankful smile, and the knowledge that sometimes the Powers That Be really do love me.

Even if they have a funny way of showing it.


rmm4361 said...

sometimes answers come in unexpected ways! How exciting for you! A new adventure and watch out for what you ask for next!!

Elizabeth said...

Amazing! You always seem to somehow land on your feet and with a smile, no less :)

Gigi said...

Life is good. And you advice to Sassy applies to all of us.

I just wish I could say, "Yes, I have room come here for your extended vacation." But since MC is home for the summer, unfortunately, I can't. :-(

BUT, I've got boxtops! Same address as last time? I think I have it around here somewhere.

G. B. Miller said...

Excellent news! Good things do come to those who do good things.

Father Nature's Corner

Steph said...

The answer is obvious. Go with the family to Italy until August:)

Unknown said...

When my boys where in school, two of their teachers came to one of their games and they remember it to this day. What a gem that school system has in you and all the other teachers that go the extra mile. You know my door is always open!!

Anonymous said...

Vodka - Looking forward to meeting you during your interim adventure to Maryland!

Signed - a fellow journey woman a little further down your path who smiled, loved and laughed my way thru similar persistent torturous years all the while knowing that I was being blessed to experience life like so many never experience. I knew the rocky path was temporary and as bad as it was - It was more peaceful and beautiful than where I had been. While stripped of most all things meaningful in my life - I found wonderment and joy in having sun rays on my face and fresh air to breathe. I felt like a kid in a candy store as I experienced life with a whole new perspective. Can't wait to show you around my small town getaway which I now call "home". A&W