Wasn't one of you supposed to take out Father Time? (aka Sassy's all grown up, now pass me some tissues.)

I’ve been preparing my heart for the incredible milestone that has been chasing me like a demon these last few weeks.

Sassy’s college graduation.

Tomorrow I make the drive to the city filled with Pirates.  Right past that city is a small town that is the home of the college that has wrapped my daughter in love, patience, knowledge, challenge, defeat and victory.  (Of course it CHARGED us for all those services, but that’s another story entirely.)

I’ve been thinking of the incredible college field hockey coach who was determined to harness her talent.  I can’t thank her enough for believing in her, for making her feel important, valued and awesome.  She believed in Sassy, and in these four crazy, turbulent years she was the one constant mentor and friend that Sassy needed.  The girls on her team have taught her so many important lessons; some were painful, and more than some were filled with joy.  The girls she's played with will be a part of her life forever, of that I'm sure. 


As a mother, I know that her journey has really just begun. (Well, I PRAY that it has just begun.)  She will travel a path that only she can walk.  It will be filled with twists and turns and she will be dodging arrows shot from invisible enemies left and right.  I pray that the knowledge and lessons she’s learned from these four years and from the people she's met will give her the weapons she needs to avoid danger and evade the painful shots in the heart. I hope that she will be able to spot evil when it smiles at her sweetly.  She’s had experience with that, unfortunately.

I hope that she’s learned that kindness, empathy and a good heart are very important weapons to carry in her bag.  Sure, she may need to kick some ass every now and then, but I’m not worried about THAT part.  I want her to remember what I’ve told her for a THOUSAND years:  make good choices….and be a nice person.

But I know what happens.   I know what happens when we graduate and leave home.  We think we know it all!  We think we are invincible!  We think that life will only be wonderful and that the choices we make will all work out. 

And sometimes that’s true.

So tonight, I pack my bag.  Tomorrow I'll go meet the milestone that’s waiting for me in Sassy’s dorm room.  I’ll ignore the pangs in my heart, the tears that are pooling, the fear in my head and rejoice in all that she’s accomplished. She's an amazing young woman.

And I will pray very, very hard that the choices she makes will only bring her joy, and a long, long life. 


Gabriela said...

Yes, she's an amazing young woman, but only because of her amazing mother. Go safely, savor every moment, including that enormous lump in your throat and stinging in your eyes, and know that you, yes you, have achieved success as evidenced by Miss Sassy's college graduation.

Brian Miller said...

letting go is not easy at all...unless you are in a disney movie...i am sure she will remember all that you gave her as she makes those decisions and she will screw up...but hopefully she knows you are there when she needs you....

Gigi said...

She is going to do well in her life; because she's had a very, very good teacher.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats to you both! She is a smart girl and learned from a strong Mom she will do great!

Karen said...

I spent tonight at the PMACK (LSU basketball stadium) watching D1 graduate tonight. Double major in anthropology and modern history with a minor in Italian. She wants to go to grad school and eventually teach history at the college level.

I was suddenly old.

And once again I realized how wonderful our children are and what astounding people they grow up to be and that (OMG) "I" actually had something to do with it. (I'm still not over that fact.)

And then I want some wine. Because sometimes dealing with milestones makes wine a necessity.

Good luck, enjoy. I have one more to go (#3). You are a great MOM. (Yes, you deserve ALL CAPS!)

You've done your best, she'll be fine, she's her mothers daughter. Have fun while you're there. Y'all deserve it.

#1Nana said...

Congratulations to both of you! It is an exciting time and I wish her the very best in whatever she decides to do. She is blessed to have your support and I'm sure that knowledge will sustain her in the challenges she will face. Have a wonderful weekend.

Scope said...

Tell me how you do it. I've got 5 years to prepare for that moment, and I think I've started too late.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Congrats to you both! Such a special weekend, indeed!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sassy is already graduating??? Holy crap! That went fast.
Congratulations to Sassy and YOU for accomplishing so much in these past 4 years.
xoxo jj

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, sorry I missed this! I'm SO out of the loop these days!

Congrats to you and Sassy!! You must be bursting with pride. =)


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